Vietnam Banks Ready for M&A Wave

According to the statistics of Foreign Investment Agency (FIA) under the Ministry of Planning and Investment, in the first quarter of 2018, the total of the newly registered capital, capital increase as well as capital contribution and share purchase, was on the continued growth.
Among them, investing in the form of merging and acquisition (M&A) becomes more and more favorable to foreign investors.
In 2017, big inbound M&A deals contributed up to more than 70% of total deal value and established a range of FDI corporates with strong internal resources.
However, the Vietnamese regulations and administrations are still big challenges to foreign investors.
There are many cases in which these factors have caused long delays in investment, complex due diligence and difficulties for FDI enterprises to transfer capital/profit to their holding companies in foreign countries afterwards.
Aware of the important role as well as the highly potential demand of banking services from FDI enterprises, Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Sacombank) has launched variety of banking products and services for this target customer segment.
In particular, it has provided services such as escrow account, direct/indirect investment capital account, preferential service fee package for Japanese companies that also bank with Resona Bank, special product service bundle for Korean companies that are members of the Korea Chamber of Business in Vietnam (Korcham), etc. and various promotions for new customers.
Besides, in order to provide efficient financial supports on operating capital to FDI customers and simplify administrative procedures, Sacombank also has offered many other conventional products, for example, competitive loan packages, deposits, payment services, international payment, trade finance and especially digital banking services (internet banking, e-bill payment, e-tax payment, e-L/C …)
Moreover, Sacombank has paid close attention to developing a professional, multilingual and culturally diversified sales force to maximize the support for FDI customers. In fact, coordinated with its partner - Resona Bank, Sacombank has established the Japanese Desk to focus on the Japanese sales representatives, who are native speakers.
In addition, Sacombank is an active member of Korcham and cooperates strongly with government agencies for years.
Finally, Sacombank has created the “Online Appointment” section for customers to make appointment request.
Customers just need to access Sacombank"s website at (section “Online Appointment”), and leave their contact information. Enterprises would benefit greatly from this convenient communication channel.


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