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It detects the following Protections: Game Protection Identifying Tools. CD Protection Scout v2.

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New features to this version is updated SafeDisk 2 info and Securom New updates and more. Has an in-built Scan Wizard for beginners who are new to Clony.

It currently detects the following CD-Copy Protections: It currently can detect the following CD-Copy Protections: CD Protection Scout v2. Will detect all the major protections such as: Not only is it CloneCD-friendly but it also has a database of more than 45 games. Perfect Copy 2.

Protection ID is a great little tool that can scan games and detect what protection is being used. Copy Protection Detection is a small tool which will detect what protection is being used on your game.

A-Ray Scanner v | Download | Connect Trojan

Scannsr can do the following: A-Ray scanner will scan protected game CD's and DVD's and report the protection and protection version being used to protect the game. CD Protection Detector v1. This version of Clony, has much more features than previous versions v1.

Now including a multi-language interface allowing international users. It detects the following Protections: Copy-Discovery is a protection scanner which will scan a CD or DVD for any protections which may exist, protections it can detect include: The final version of Clony English version, has much more csanner than previous versions v1. Perfect Copy is probably one of the best tools you can get. Game Protection Identifying Tools.

Copy Protection Detection v0.

CD/CDR Game Copy Protection Identifying Tools- GameBurnWorld

Also now aa an update checker to get the latest versions of Clony automatically! Blindwrite Profiler includes a rxy of protections and allows you to choose the protection being used and will give the correct settings to successfully burn a backup in a BlindWrite environment. It has the ability to detect all the current protections being used. SafeDisk Analyzer is a great tool which when activated will analyze a SafeDisk protected game and give information on it.

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W features to this version is updated SafeDisk 2 info and Securom New updates and a multi-language interface allowing international users and heaps more!.

Alcoholer is similar to Clony XXL as it will scan a Protected Game and then report the protection being used on it, it will then tell you correct settings to use in Alcohol burning software to successfully burn a working backup.

CloneCD 4 Profiler v1.

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