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Epic Dragonica Galaxia Update. EvoDragonica - Chapter 4 New Origin. Now it's essentially single player with occasional traders in chat. Details The coolest game in indonesia.

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Im not Denying the fact that we indeed had a huge exploit and huge amounts of exploited cash gold and items, which basically u caused afaik. Infinity Core Dragonica Online. Originally Posted by iSans. I dont want to play in NA, because pruvate the ping, but if one server is a private one or has no player in it, i would choose the populated one.

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For any inquiries or additions, feel free to message the moderators. Arbardon Private Dragonica Server. I couldnt download the gam me from the website, so i downloaded it from steam and since i already had an account i had to go to privafe steam files and run the patcher not in steam itself. Want to add to the discussion?

Any good Private Servers?

EvoDragonica - Chapter 3 Reign of Frost. Details Best site everYou cant found ever site ever. Celestial Dekaron Action 9.

Tell me why anyone would like to play a dead game with less than active players. Keep in mind my post is going to be expressing my personal views and opinions so it should not be taken as fact and I do suggest anyone to try servers out from themselves.

You could call me biased for my experience with the staff but nothing i said so far is subjective, it is just a fact. You used to be able to easily find other people to run missions with at lower levels, making friends was simple. So even the most populated server is half dead?

It did have the Ice Tower dungeons which offered more content to players but it was very poorly done, same with the "arcadia" content, it was just very poor quality. We are constantly working on the server for new content and shiny Aram is just one so far we are Offering. Register for your free account!

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Find All Thanked Posts. At some point i stopped playing and some time later the eu server were shut down and only Dragon Saga, the Na version, existed.

Steam is not the primary login method. Prices will vary depending on the server of course. Originally Posted by pipapopa.

Details Welcome To Server dragoncia. Find a better game with over hunded of thousands players activity playing. Has a Rebirthing system. It also doesn't seem to have any skilled content creators so you can't expect to see anything too servsr in the near future. Constant consistent log checking for exploits or rule breaking.

Originally Posted by Octrpus Depends how you define the term "de-faming" I made two statements, one is a fact the server being full of exploited items gold and cash and one is a subjective opinion based on the quality of content creation the server has offered so far "Shiny Xragonica is as good as i have seen and that isn't exactly high quality in terms of "Custom Content" For my personal standards.

Punishments are constantly flying out because of how redundant dragnica rule system has been made, you can read the rules for yourself to get a better understanding, i think they are making efforts to simplify it but in it's current state it does put me off really investing any time into the server as a player.

Weekly Scheduled Discussions The following topics are posted weekly. There was only 1 wipe at legion to get rid of the exploited stuff but this was dragobica they fixed any of the exploits, so then there was more duping and more item spawning, and then there was fragonica again a wipe and those items were not removed.

Seriously let this game die. If you're going to play, I suggest you do so soon, since a new expansion is about to drop.

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