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You can defuse the bomb without one, but having one accelerates the process considerably, and once the bomb's been planted, there is precious little time to waste before it goes off. It is a powerful weapon, and its shots can go through walls and boxes, normally killing with two shots. The AWP is the largest and most powerful sniper rifle, killing in one shot in most cases in the case of a direct, unobstructed shot, only being hit in the leg is survivable. The MAC is a powerful but inaccurate terrorist weapon.

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This brilliant mod replaces the once-great P90 with a pair of M7 submachineguns, because two guns are better than one, that's just a fact.

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The P is a small pistol, with average attributes. It is a very good all-round weapon, but many players can't soucre it due to its high price. This is the most common submachinegun, as it has small recoil and the crosshair is the same while running, walking or ducking. Some like the M4A4 fire tracers on every third shot.

It has slurce ability to fire not only in semi-automatic, but as well as 3-round burst fire mode. The guns themselves are more aesthetically pleasing weapons than the others and hold 15 rounds each.

Dynamic Weapon Pricing

Don't rebuy armor if it's higher than Most players can either use shotguns properly, or they can't. The recoil prevents you from taking precision shots, so aim center mass, and hopefully the recoil will lift your bullet hose to their head and take them down quickly.

One shot to the head or even a close shot to the body, with most or all of the BBs connecting, will be fatal, but mis-timing the shot will mean you have to evade their fire until you've pumped for the next shot. However unknown to others is the fact that this gun can be defeated. This is known as aimpunch.

Doesn't have as higher rate of fire as striks SGbut is just as powerful, if not more. They are only semi-automatic, and typically lack power, but can be quite effective if aimed carefully. This eventually led to more people using guns that are easier to use which went against the competitive nature of Counter-Strike and hence, making dynamic weapon pricing wildly unpopular.

The Glock 17C was one of the first pistols added in beta 1 of the original Counter-Strike mod for the first Half-Life. The sleek Nighthawk will give you a highly detailed alternative with a realistic looking scope.

The XM is an auto-shotgun, meaning it doesn't have the pump time of the M3 super When shooting this gun just one round at a time, it is surprisingly accurate. Weapons deal damage upon hitting another player. A player's death will cause their countfr primary and secondary weapon to be dropped.

Instead, this gun should be used in small or medium sized maps, with its point-and-shoot characteristics more suited to close quarter combat. Unlike other weapons, shotguns can be inspected while reloading, and doing so will interrupt the reload.

Too Many Requests

This translates to three full magazines and a 15 round magazine. The M4A1 is the counter-terrorists' equivalent sourcw the AK Generally, pistols are weak when compared to primary weapons and have a low magazine capacity. Source and Global Offensivethis damage is represented by CycleTime in game files, which represents how many seconds of delay there is between two shots.

This balance is made by valve, cause valve thinks that players are too dumb to choose. It's extremely powerful as far as handguns go but only carries seven rounds in countfr magazine. Players are able to run faster with the knife equipped than with any primary weapon other than lighter submachine guns and the Schmidt Scout, and for this reason it is often used for rushing.

It is chambered in-game as a. The M3 Super 90 works considerably better at close range, but some people have been known to snipe with one.

It may not be particularly powerful, but its rate of fire is almost unmatcheable, and is thus an exceedingly effective spray gun, especially in confined spaces. It was a system of basic supply and demand. If you are inaccurate don't use the scout, because if you are unable to hit people in the head you will be very ineffective with the scout. If practiced enough, this will result in a faster chamber time.

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