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Auriculotherapy ear acupuncture Chinese Point System. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Most acupoints of the Bladder meridian in this region are distributed over the back down to the posterior aspect of the knee Fig.

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Palm and dorsum of Chinese hand acupuncture therapy. The acupoints on the left side were obtained by using the left—right symmetry of the body. Precise localization of acupoints is a key issue in acupuncture research.

As for the acupoints on the anterior aspect, the three reference points on the surface of the thoracic and the abdominal parts were chosen: After the borders of the objects in the serial images had been obtained, the target surface was isolated by using a connected component counting method. All the processes for getting 3D surface models were carried out with a Microsoft Visual Studio software package installed on a personal computer with a Windows 7, bit operating system.

For the head, half of the skull was exposed through the opaque skin for a visual effect. The numbers in the diagrams represent the ratios of the distances between the acupoints and the reference points. For the student and doctor. There are twenty-four auricular acupuncture points sharing the same name and similar locations, and twenty-five sub-areas or points which share the auricular anatomical name with different reflexed parts of the body and different therapeutic effects.

The counting method can be performed by examining the connectivity of voxels with their neighbors and assigning a unique label to each connected set found. Points are numbered and listed with their Chinese names. In this article, the positioning of all the standardized acupoints over the entire human body is extended to a 3D space.

This kind of study was suggested as a unique method for gaining a systematic understanding of acupuncture-meridian—related anatomy in 3D space. Because the acupoints are distributed on the skin's surface, a constraint should be imposed in such wiht way that the acupoints reside on the skin's surface.

Open in a separate window.

The current authors contracted with the KISTI and obtained permission to download the image data for use.

With more combined efforts from basic and clinical research, biomedical information on the acupuncture and meridian system should be complete in the near future.

In 3D space, the position of a point can be specified with three values such as the x- y- and z-coordinates. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

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The acupoints around the top of the head were determined by using two reference points: A high resolution 3D surface construction algorithm.

Auriculotherapy ear acupuncture Chinese Point System.

Chinese treatment formulas for commonly treated conditions. The quest for modernization of traditional Chinese medicine. The opacity of OpenGL was used properly in the other parts to visualize the relationships between the acupuncture points and the skeletal structure. Yin C, Koh H.

Conclusions 3D mapping of the human body by X-ray CT provides a novel method of tracing the meridian systems, hence providing useful knowledge toward the modernization of clinical acupuncture practice. Most positions of the acupoints on the posterior aspect formuals determined acupucture using the positions of the spinal vertebra, information that ofrmulas be extracted from the skeletal structure.

Most acupoints of the Bladder meridian in this region are distributed over the back down to the posterior aspect of the knee Fig. In Table 1the forty-two reference points are shown with short descriptions of the anatomical features for their positioning. Korean J Oriental Med. Atlas of Acupuncture Points: Tooth organ relationships and relationships between teeth and bodily functions. The lack of consensus on the specific locations of the acupoints may result from a lack of atlax tools for specifying the acupoints.

Color localizations at the acupoints and directional patterns along the meridians were presented at specific depths under the skin by comparisons with the nearby surrounding points. Measuring the location of PC8 acupuncture point using X-ray radiography in healthy adults [in Korean].

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