Command and conquer generals zero hour unofficial maps

It is laid out like Twilight Flame, at least in the start positions. Can we download these maps somewhere, the links do'nt work anymore. Description This is a desert 2 player zero hour map. A 4-Player Urban themed skirmish map for zero hour. Adequate room to build and expand.

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This is an eye appealing 2-player Snow map. Improved Toxin General Challenge map. This is a 6 player map played either singular or 3x3.

This is a GLA mission. These change the menu background of your game. I will try and upload more so Not only that, but it has the most unique player set up I've seen for Zero Hour.

Plenty of money and room to build.

Further details are included in the readme file. The camera follows the train through the map and is witness to a battle between USA and GLA forces over a strategic canal. Crossing the Canyon can be done ahd a bridge to the north and one to the south.

Each player spot has its own set of advantages to. The centrel area of the map has many bodies of water with land bridges between them and specially modded artillary platform in the center can be unforgiving and deadly. This is a map pack containing three maps Infantry only - no chinooks.

CNC Zero Hour

An 8-Player skirmish compatible map for Generals Zero Hour. A large river runs through the map northwest to southeast, and divides the players.

It features mountainous terrain, a river with several bridges providing access, and buildings and tech goodies throughout the map. This is a 2-player highly detailed Temperate map featuring ma;s German towns and villages.

Edited April 15, by zocom7. Variety of tech goodies available for capture.

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There are two supplies per player, and two more supplies to be found. It features excellent texture use, lots of eye candy details: Then eventually into two separate rivers.

Sign in Already have an account? One player starts in South - West corner of the map, and second player starts in the North - East. Resouces available near center of the cities besides what is near your base area. Enjoy the scenery commanf the way. This is beautifully detailed 2-player Temp map from Dennis Agodzo. This site is NOT official gamefront site but just a third party mirror.

The Ultimate Generals/Zero Hour map pack(s): maps! -

Terrain is basically flat. This is a 2-player detailed and eye appealing Temperate map from Jack Axonitis with mountainous terrain. The game should automatically filter out player map in the ingame list order.

You can find detailed map info in the included readme file. A map pack containing three multiplay maps not set up for skimish play. This unoffjcial a 2-player detailed and eye appealing multi-level Desert map from BlckWyerve with lighting set for Evening.

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