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Besides Burns, the leader, the players can choose Iron, a weapon expert, Smith, a sharpshooter and Beans, a demolition expert. The game was also planned to be released in Japan, under the title of Arc Hound, but it was cancelled in the end. We apologize for the mistake.

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This 8 bit version continues the same tradition set by the previous Contras.

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The control is clean, but often hampered by a too-slow-to-scroll screen. Windows Users' cintra Contra full offline game for pc Contra full offline game for pc Most people looking for Contra full offline game for pc downloaded: At anytime during the game the second player can come in, and help you out.

A weapon that you can get in the form of laser weapons, and weapons that can spread to different directions. Yaar, what the password it is tell me fast. The player can control up to four different characters, but he will have to choose one of them in the beginning of the game.

This game is also known as Probotector II: Bill Alvord of Wellsville, New York, has found a way to start a new game with your previous score and either the standard three men or the number of men you had left. Great weapons, great fupl, great action -- and all you have to fulk is avoid blowing up the world!

Moreover, multi-character screen clutter spells big cobtra for the NES system's processor.

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This is personally one of my favorites and the length never stopped me from wanting to run through it again and again. The main difference was in it's versatility. Play Now Download the full version. Indeed, the player has a prefix gae weapons that could be considered ugly gmae only shoot in one direction only. This game you can play on your PC by downloading the application and the game and I will share the first period of a game that you've probably played as a child.

Konami decided to make North America the only release location for the spin-off, leaving the huge European market off as well. Seriously what is the password. The game was a spin-off of the Contra series, and was the third game released for NES.

Finally, like the original Contra, the levels in this version alternate game play from side scrolling to overhead views. He can't jump or crouch in the overhead perspective levels.

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Additionally, this Contra's only solid blast is the weapon power-up system, which enables you to swap between Machine Guns, Homing Missiles, and Hand Grenades by collecting toolbox icons. The unfrantic pace is designed to enable you to think before you shoot, but who wants to do that? Install the game like There is a boss awaiting at the end of each level, who has to be defeated in order to progress to the next level.

This game is an arcade game that is operated on 20 February PhotoPad Image Editor is a simple image editing application with a variety of features. But, if you are playing alone and there is no one fame come and play the second player, all hope is not lost.

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USB thumb drives and removable hard disk are now common throughout the workplace. Save the head of the CIA who has been kidnapped by terrorists. Contra game itself has a multiplayer mode you can play both simultaneously, the first player will play as Bill and the second player will play as Lance. The game features horizontally scrolling, as well as overhead horizontal and vertical scrolling levels.

Contra Force

His shots will skim by your ear, but won't inflict damage. The characters can also fire their weapons in 8 different directions, meaning no enemy is safe.

The game was fairly popular when released, and received a lot of positive feedback by users, press and critics.

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