Green day vs oasis

So I can see why people would think that. Your name or email address: I'd be extremely surprised if Green Day could match the popularity of Oasis in South American and Asia, which ends up adding a massive amount to the Oasis fan base.

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They may have had great songs,but I couldn't listen to them.

Oasis vs. Green Day | IGN Boards

Pretty much impossible to choose. Well according to the Wikipedia discography pages for both bands, Green Day has sold a total of 75 million albums while Oasis have sold a total of 70 million. I'm far more likely to want to put on an album by them, than Green Day on any given day. Oasis is miles better. That said, Nimrod might be the best album released dayy either band. PaulKTFNov 10, Green Day released Dookie in the mid nineties, blew up, then kind of faded away for awhile.

RocketdogNov 10, As for albums, a lot of the sites I checked seems to say Green Day has sold more albums than Oasis worldwide 65 million from Green Day vs from Oasis.

My daughter would go for Green Day, I'd go for Oasis. Not to say that Nirvana is better, but I still hear people talk about them all the time. Anymore than OffSpring were. If so, maybe it literally is a matter of where you view dzy whole thing from.

Green Day vs. Oasis

JuanTCBNov 10, The "Green Day sold more albums" argument is stupid, considering they have 11 studio albums compared to Oasis' 8 including The Masterplan. ConnieGuitar and Technocentral like this. Oasis good, sound dated now.

Green day was huge over here, twice over. If it wasn't for that song, I never would have even heard of Oasis.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Then American Idiot came out in the mid s, and a whole new group of kids found them that way.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. PennywiseNov 10, Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Yeah, that often seems to be the case.

Oasis bigger than Green Day? : oasis

They revolutionized rock music and ushered in a new era. You could be correct, but if you go by album sales alone, then Green Day takes the cake assuming the statistics are correct. The Sewers of Los Angeles. Log in or Sign up. My two favourite bands of the nineties and beyond.

He has a good point. Want to add to the discussion?

Your problem is that you're arguing with someone over youtube comments. The best British rock band since The Beatles I do like the energy of Green Day though. Although I definitely feel that Oasis was the bigger band of the last 20 years, not the biggest, that would have to go to NirvanaGreen Day did have a big comeback in which really affected a dxy generation.

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