Bye bye birdie script

Your neighbors are just going to be thrilled I just came from Ed Sullivan's office. I'll be right up there.

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All right, but ya can't have much time. Now keep drinking until I frame you Kim, you can't go through with this. Yeah, and so I've decided it's absolutely out of the question. Just make believe I'm an old used car.

Bye Bye Birdie

They won't shorten the ballet Then that snake in a gold suit insists on parking in my beautiful living room. Be prepared tor the Birdie spot.

She gets a dollar an hour. I'll be right up there.

My farewell to Sweet Apple I would like to do things proper. She says it's long distance. Some of Harry's customers are against it. We'll have to fill some time.

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I need one of your fans trom Ohio. You wouldn't destroy Kim, your own flesh and blood! I've thought and thought about marrying you I'll still be the same, humble, lovable guy.

Hey, I got homework to do. Let's face it, I'm a scheming woman. But I'm not now. I got, maybe, one tenth a normal heart.

I am a lucky man though, Albert. Some doubling was employed in the minor parts.

Bye-bye Birdie Transcript

She doesn't even know her name. Kim's on the show. Rosie, you're not even married yet.

He might make a terrific soldier. Well, how about a malted with a little vodka?

Bye Bye Birdie - a musical by Charles Strouse, Lee Adams and Michael Stewart

You don't know what I've been through with all the guys buggin' me My be is not going to be publicly kissed by that I'd appreciate discussing Mr. Now, please don't think me forward. I was just exhausted, cramming for my English exam. Somehow I never could finish it.

Hey, what's with the red cap?

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