Digital comic reader for psp

Try it now, folks. What hey is this about? The left and right arrow buttons navigate between panels in a way that works surprisingly well. I tend to dig it when I buy a movie that comes with a digital copy. One critical question for many fans is how quickly they can get new content.

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December 2, at 2: Probably have more trophies then you… Confirmed.


In the meantime, redeem these promo codes for your free IDW comics and check it reacer for yourself. Dust yourselves off and try again next week I suppose.

Subscribe via RSS Feed. Not into comics at all but will check it out none the less. Oh wait, they have.


Lastly we digitzl Marvel if it was looking at other digital platforms such as a distribution method via Microsoft's Xbox Live. Maybe digital versions of comic issues can be released in an electronic format, with the print side of things focusing on GNs.

Yes, full of fail this week Playstation. The company is in ongoing discussions with a variety of publishers, with Marvel, IDW and Archie already on board.

Until now, that is.

Printed comics still sell well and are the favored format by a big majority, so the chances of this happening are low. Then just redownload the comic from your Transaction Management menu, and boom.

The hard copies will always exist, but digital is the way of the future. An open marketplace where creators can set their own prices kind of what Amazon has going on for Kindle would also reaver a long way to making digital comics a real force in the marketplace. Sony will determine the final price of the books, which will be sold on a per issue basis, with no option diigtal "subscribe" to a specific title or all Marvel titles.

However, just like music and movies I would never want the portable version in lieu of the hard copy, but only in addition to. December 2, at 1: With the latest Playstation Portable firmware update, PSP owners now have the option to install the new Digital Comics reader for free. Additional books will be added on a monthly basis. How much will these issues cost? For some time I hated the idea of digital comics. Try it now, folks.

More details, titles on Sony's PSP Digital Comics Reader

One critical question for many fans is how quickly they can get new content. This little reader rocks! When this become full service. The idea of someday not having the pages in hand made me shutter. December 2, at 3: I hate Flr, they always whine about something. This code is only valid until December 16, John Koller, SCEA's Director of Hardware Marketing stated that while there is no specific launch date available at this time, the Digital Reader service would have over 1, comic books available upon launch.

Goodness, I wonder why. If not, I like hearing constructive criticism. Who ARE these people!? Marvel's official website updated with story stating a launch window of December Marvel's motion comic books — such as the Spider-Woman series debuting on iTunes later ps week - will not be available, though Marvel is "in discussions" to make the content available on the PSN video service.

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