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The "Pro" add-on was the first. When it comes to high alpha 3D flying AeroFly is the perfect tool. If your intentions are to practice freestyle routines, you understand how important it is for your airplane to be in specific locations at exactly the right times. If you are like me and find torque rolls to be one of the more difficult 3D maneuvers to practice with a real plane, then AeroFly Professional is for you.

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Ikarus Aerofly Pro Deluxe Flight Simulator

When the sim starts up, and the F4U is selected, the wings fold up, and I can't make them fold back down. I'll still need to keep practicing to get the smoothness I'd rpo, and to nail the correct amount of correction every aeofly, but there has been a marked improvement in my flying.

AeroFly Professional does a good job of setting your mind back on course. The bright side is that if one practices flying one's model in AFPD, then goes to fly the same model for real, prk would find that the real model has a bit more power on tap than one is used to. When you get behind the sticks of the large Giles or Cap and begin to hover and torque roll, you have to remind yourself that you are on a simulator in front of your computer and not at a world class IMAC event.

Changing wind direction, speed, and thermals Changing the parameters of the aircraft. It is in three languages; German, French, and English, and has a quality, glued-binding.

At aaerofly point, I thought I was done with sims. There is a lot of crashing involved in flying helis, and crashing means lots of parts orders or making frequent trips to the hobby shop. I went onto this sim, and have been flying it for about a month now. Watch the attached videos for some real-time examples. View follow mode as 2nd screen in the top right corner is a lifesaver.

Ikarus Aerofly Pro Deluxe Flight Simulator - RC Groups

Your personal field radio connects directly to the computer Very realistic physics and flying characteristics. Set up the GameComander via second player mode. Jeremy,I've been considering a sim for a while now and been flying RC for over 30 yrs. My fleet has grown to about 10 planes, including a sailplane, a trainer to replace the T-Hawk, a couple of pattern aerobatic planes, an aileron trainer, a couple of pusher jets, a flying wing, etc.

Here's a short version of how to do it: Also, many of the trainer-type models seemed a little low on power compared to what I expected. Good review, Jeremy but you forgot to mention one entire feature of the sim: RC Helicopters are naturally harder than planes to keep orientation of when flying.

FAQ aerofly Professional

For more information, especially on graphics cards, please visit aerofly. AeroFly Professional supports up to 12 channels. However it freed my USB ports which most of my other external hardware uses. The Commander controller has a dummy 2-stick conventional RC transmitter with single switch that plugs into your computer game port 15 pin game port. In order aeroflt transmit a strong enough signal some transmitters need to delue the interface adapter Otherwise the interface will not work.

Set the thermal factor to and have a go! Other cards compatible with OpenGL and with MB of on-board memory will probably work fine though.

A bar graph gives you a visual indication of the control positions. Want more planes or helicopters for your fleet?

Far below some of the deeluxe high end sims on the market. While I believe the program really shines with the fixed wing models, you will not go wrong using AeroFly Professional for helicopters as well. Diese Website benutzt Cookies.

Other menu buttons allow you to change the scenery from afrofly different flying sites included aerfly the program, edit the aircraft and controls, and calibrate the system to your controller. There are no surprise purchases after it is installed and working. Unfortunately, I don't get to the field as often as I would like. Add to this the fact that no matter how good one's computer monitor is, it will not have the resolution of your eyesight once the model gets further than about 50' away.

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