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If you have any questions for me, please post below so I can help you! Maybe I can start calling myself a popster soon? Been waiting for this workout plan for forever!

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Thanks for the help!

Or if you prefer to get all 12 weeks at once plus the pretty Blogilates Fit Journal, click here. And your gear from the Black Friday sales! bolgilates

The Conversation Got some thoughts? I will be joining immediately after this challenge!

I am not on facebook and twitter…. I met so many cool ladies this weekend…from girls looking for a career change to women who were already seasoned superstar instructors…the spectrum was wide, but everyone was so supportive. You are so amazing. I could probably write down what I eat, but i definitely could not follow daily workouts. By blogilates LifePilates 19 Comments.

Girl in a Fantasyland: Blogilates Fit Journal: Week 1

Have a fabulous day! But you know what? BTW the front and back covers are protected by a clear plastic shield to keep from getting wet!

Okie dokie my loves!

fit journal Archives – Blogilates

I would love to download it to my ipad and use it from there along with the Blogilates app! How re we saying money if we buy the journal if everyone is getting the same meal plan? With hard work, dedication to these 12 weeks, and a positive mindset, you too will become the next Transformation Tuesday story here on Blogilates. I am most positive, that following the meal plan and using this journal will really help me stay motivated and on track.

Can you still participate in the 12 Week New Body Makeover? Look what my sister made me: But they came in a pack of 10 and so far none of them have run out.

fit journal Archives – Blogilates

I thought maybe you ticked a circle every time you had a good day for good eating or exercise but there are 10 circles instead of 7. And it got kinda old by Thursday!

Shorts from Body Language Sportswear. But thank you all, the POPsters, you fellows i hope I write it down corectly and especially thank you Cassey. Natural sugars are always better than processed, plus consider all the nutrients that are in fruit! I am hoping to lose 27lbs before my wedding!! I live in Australia, will it be difficult to follow the meal blogilztes based on seasonal foods compared to the US?

It is exactly what I have been looking for and am blogilatds excited to be doing it along side everyone else! Anyway, I hope you got all the prezzies you wanted!

You inspire me in a very special way. So this year, to make it easy for everybody, the BlogilatesDesigns.

But i did not get the bookmark, which is shown in the pictures, do i need to order it seperatly? Plus, it would be pretty expensive to make your own journal and time consuming.

Five on Friday 2 blogilatws things says:

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