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It played most of the games we tried during testing as well. The emulator comes with a host of features, including screen layout customization, controller customization, support for hardware controllers, fast forward, Google Drive support, and high end devices can enjoy some improved graphics rendering if they so choose. Spirit Tracks Release date: Revenant Wings Release date: Phantom Hourglass Release date:

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In the game, you and up to three of your friends from anywhere in the world can hang out in the same village and interact in real time. You have to download and install each system individually drastci the app. To draw in those who had already played the game, though, the Director's Cut added new dss specifically suited to the DS touchscreen, animated facial expressions, and a brand new complementary storyline which follows George's fellow adventurer Nico Collard to new locations and adds more depth to the original story.

Spirit Tracks sends our hero Link on a brand-new adventure, offering a totally new story with more puzzles, and so on. Dual Strike mixed smart rock-paper-scissors-esque combat with the brutal backdrop og an on-going war. Link travels by train, as the name suggests, opening up new possibilities for puzzles and interesting challenges. Phoenix Wright is a great game for those who enjoy a good puzzle — though, as a word of warning, depending on your puzzle-solving skills you might even find some of the challenges too difficult!

DraStic ra for Android - Download

As good as the DS is, though, by this point the majority of us will no doubt have replaced our Nintendo DS with its chunkier and more powerful successor the Nintendo 3DS. Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Even though a large number of games available on the Nintendo DS are ports, they're drastically improved and their effective gmes of the console's dual-screen helped to redefine the handheld gaming experience.

The dual-screen design might have been a risk but it was obviously a worthwhile one since we've seen it evolve and drasitc from the DS through to the new 3DS - and even further to the new Nintendo Switch. Shinobi Rumble Release date: Here are some final emulator lists you might enjoy! If it works for you, all the better. Many suggest that Drasgic of Sorrow is one of the best Castlevania games of all-time, and for good reason — it's beautifully designed, offers great battle scenarios, and finds the perfect balance between nostalgia and innovation.

The game takes place in the Johto region and offers updated graphics, touch controls, and even the ability to use the 'Pokewalker' — essentially a glorified Tamagotchi — to take your Pokemon wherever you go. It's a formula that emulatoe feels old, even now, 10 years after its release.

5 best Nintendo DS emulators for Android

Phantom Hourglass is a little more casual than other Legend of Zelda games and arguably a little easier too, but that doesn't make it any less of a seriously entertaining pocket adventure. Perform well enough on both battlefields, and you could perform the eponymous Dual Strike, allowing you to take two turns back-to-back, often with devastating es to the enemy.

That's cheaper than it used to be.

Grimoire of the Rift - a sequel to the great-selling GBA game that was a sequel to the fs, trail-blazing PS1 game. Harvest Moon DS Release date: Thankfully, the Nintendo DS had no shortage of those - from the great entries in the Castelvania series to the outstanding entries in Pokemon - Nintendo DS is the all-you-can-eat buffet of first-party mobile classics.

The dual-screen touch elements of the Nintendo DS work extremely well with the point-and-click style of play and Broken Sword is one of the best games in the genre to show this. Phantom Hourglass Release date: It supports a variety of game systems. Pokemon SoulSilver Version Release date: Request here your games. However, this is one of the better free Nintendo DS emulators available.

Mario Kart DS Release date: To give you a better idea of exactly what games you should be looking to pick up, we've put together this list of what we think are the best titles out there. News, reviews, deals, apps and more.

Sure, you could argue that Super Star Ultra isn't as exciting as Kirby Canvas Curse, but as a short and sweet adventure game, Super Star Ultra isn't one to miss out on, especially if you're a Kirby fan.

Search games for download Enter your keywords. As an emulator, it's okay.

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