Hp deskjet 3915

Cam - Drawer cam - short, spring loaded lever attached to the paper tray frame - used to draw input tray into position. Cover Main - This is the main cover of the printer. Control Panel - Control panel assembly - control buttons and display on top front of the unit. Formatter - Formatter board assembly, this board communicates with your computer device and has MAC port connector. Hp Real Life Technologies

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HP parts for CA deskjet color inkjet printer

Print Cartridge Recovery Download Printer Software Updates Sensor Out - OOPS sensor - out of paper sensor - detects the presence of the paper in the printer tray.

La Impresora No Imprime Door Cartridge - Small front access door drop down door - for accessing print cartridge window - for print cartridge access door.

Congestionamento De Papel Installation Troubleshooting For Windows Select Ph Print Quality Duplexer - Auto duplexer assembly - provides deskjett sided printing capability.

Cable USB - This interface cable is the standard 2. Especificaciones Del Producto Cable Carriage - Cable assembly which connects the main logic board to the carriage motor.

HP Deskjet Color Inkjet Printer by Office Depot & OfficeMax

Rod Carriage - Carriage rod - shaft that the carriage assembly rides on. Connect To The Printer Document Prints Slowly Photos Do Not Print Correctly Tray Assembly - Paper input tray assembly for loading paper bottom. Drive Assembly - Paper drive roller kit - includes roller assembly, bushings, seskjet on roller, transmission gear kit, encoder disc, end thrust axial spring.

Power Module Assy - World wide power module - includes power module and power module to printer cord - also, include outlet to power module cord. PC Board DC - Internal power supply board - power cable plugs on this assembly, remove covers to install pc board. Power Cord - Power module power cord- wall outlet cable to power module only. Guide Paper - Upper paper guide - spring loaded flat plate that presses the media against the top of the feed roller assembly - caution: Pinchwheel - Pinch assembly kit - includes all required pinch wheels, pinchwheel mounts and springs.

Separator - Pad separator - assembled from plastic and rubber components; to help in separating sheet of media during printing from bottom trays.

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AC Adapter - Power supply module or adapter - one end for connecting to the printer and other end to the power cord, or your ac adapter may have the pwr cord attached. Chassis - Chassis assembly - the large plastic item that forms the base of the print mechanism.

Service Station - Service station assembly - for conditioning the printheads when the carriage is in its home gp. Gear Main - Paper pickup drive assembly - gear assembly located on right side of paper pickup assembly.

Carriage Belt - Carriage drive belt, this belt is attached to the carriage and carriage motor, it moves the carriage side to side while priting.

Asistencia De Hp Front Panel - Front panel assembly - includes lcd and actuator buttons. Cover Main - This is the main cover of the printer. Encoder - Encoder spring - provides tension for encoder strip.

Formatter - Formatter board assembly, this board communicates with your computer device and has MAC port connector. We will contact you with repair total and your diagnostic fee will be waived if unit is repaired. Encoder Disk - Disk encoder - helps to provide position information of the paper. Document 3951 Misprinted

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