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Uploaded by Parmie Report. Criterion's Burnout franchise has dominated the arcade racing genre for the past few years, and for very good reason. Retrieved 14 September There seems to be very few unique tracks and you often feel as if you're rotating between two or three maps for the entire game.

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The cars are still unlicensed, which is not an issue if they could design unique enough cars instead of having every car dominaror nearly identical except for the top speed. In essence, Burnout Dominator feels a lot like an offshoot of the past few games rather than a revolutionary sequel, as Criterion has generally attempted to create in the past. Find out how else you can support emuparadise.

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Find out how else you can support emuparadise. Point of Impact 3: Burnouts are back, encouraging you to keep your finger on the boost at all times, and the track design is geared more for long and huge drifts rather than Takedowns. So you what you see? Retrieved 14 September Not only does this mean that you can essentially boost infinitely around the track, this increases the score that you receive for your crazed driving, which is a major part of many events now.

It's a very polished and well presented game, but it's become a run-of-the-mill racer and lost a lot of its uniqueness, namely the It's a very polished and well presented game, but it's become a run-of-the-mill racer and lost a gmae of its uniqueness, namely the crashes.

Instead, uninteresting events like "Near Misses" take its place.

B How to Play this Game? Rage against the road and engage in every type of dangerous racing. Takedown, with a visual style closer to that of Burnout Revenge.

Burnout Dominator

DrivingRacingArcadeArcadeAutomobile of players: Dominator Review PS2 ". The racing is just as adrenaline pumping as it's ever been, and possibly even more so than what we saw in Burnout Revenge as you need to be afraid of traffic once again.

Burnout Dominator PSP ". A big improvement over Burnout Legends which was already awesome. All this publication's reviews. Retrieved 29 March In the end, it's still a fun game and looks very nice, but it's lost the "magic" prevalent in past installments.

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However, the lack of standard features and modes like Crash are a rather big disappointment. The main single player mode known as the World Tour is split into 7 different series, based on the different classes of car that are in the game. Use the links above: Takedown, with a visual style closer to that of Burnout Revenge.

Added by MrSmart Report. The biggest change, or perhaps we should say throwback, to the series is the inclusion of Burnouts. Is also a technical standpoint for the PSP, even more considering this game was release before Sony unlocked the full potential of this handheld.

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Games you may like: It's free, easy and feels damn good! Prior to Burnout DominatorBurnouts were last seen in Burnout 2: Download Burnout Dominator Europe M To find out more details about this game including language, release info, etc.

Burnout Dominator challenges gamers to face off against a series of hot-blooded rivals in brutal tests of aggressive driving techniques Burnout Dominator is the next installment in the legendary Burnout series, loaded with intense racing action and dozens of retina-searing World Tour events.

Replacing Revenge's Traffic Attack challenge is the new Maniac mode.

You simply can't let go of the boost button or you'll be back to square one.

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