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Abyssea is on, but not a concern and not cared about. The only "perk" is the Explorer Moogles. Want to play like it was or so? Join our Teamspeak ts3server: Custom content coming soon.

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Movement speed is 1x. You do not need to set any passwords or any Square Enix ID. You're cleared up to the 75 cap. NM boosted 3x normal for real challenges with all of the player enhancements.

Do not post personal information, this is against Reddit's rules as well. Please note, if you are coming from another private server, it is important to note that HomepointXI is not months behind updates and retail and instead is either on the same client as retail, or a version or two behind.

If you are a server admin and you are not on this list, feel free to PM one of the moderators directly and we can get you verified.

Once this process is finished you should be on the latest retail client and able to connect to HomepointXI. And you should be at the account selection screen. Be sure to select ALL the packages to be installed.

Active community and player-base! This page has been accessedtimes. Currently hosted on a Virtual machine generously provided by Whasf, on the same hardware the Setver DarkStar Classic Server lives on.

Auction House repopulated weekly- gil items Starting Gil 50, Movement speed around 70 Nice pace!

Realms of Jova - 99 Cap Server self. Same as HNM's for monsters with desirable drops. Settings subject to change after player feedback.

If you are trying to play here, you need to make sure that you are properly updated to prvate version we recommend for the server. Experience rate is 1x.

How To: Install FFXI for Private Servers - HomepointXI Wiki

Once done it should tell you that you have issues with your install that it needs to repair. Regular scheduled version sfrver to introduce new gear and content.

Realms of Jova Privzte Address Everything is available for download. We also have custom content to make the player experience even more enjoyable!

Skillups Auto-raise at level up. Submit a new link. For those who don't have lots of time to play. Stocked currently Homepoint Teleport's: At this point, choose the bottom option 'For PlayOnline Members!

Regardless of the progression of the darkstar pricate the server will not have anything after WoTG unlocked unless there is an overwhelming demand for it.

Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Custom buffs of Avatars and BST pets to allow for endgame use. Teamspeak3 open server expeditiongaming. Next, you will need to download and privste the custom patch files to allow Final Fantasy XI to be updated through PlayOnline. All expansions areas now activated, but not all with content. Custom Augments for many endgame gearsets. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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