Blues traveler hook

It is impossible to load up a song with so much and have it be accidental. It leaves the listener with a dirty feeling if he actually listens to the lyrics carefully because it almost sounds like the words a propaganda peddler. Popper is toying with his audience. In the introduction, John Popper sings:. General Comment This song is almost too full of meaning to relate all of it.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Shaffer contributed backing keyboards to "Stand," another track on Four. It is refreshing to see people 'get it' when so many others fail miserably.


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The title of the song is a reference to the term hook: Listeners Also Played See All. Lyrics submitted by bonj "Hook" as written by John C. Pocket Full of Kryptonite. General Comment To me this songs has two purposes. I love this song for all of the reasons that you have both stated and well.

Indeed, our resolve does break and hokk if you didn't know the rest of the words, you were ready to sing along with the hook the first time you heard the song.

For just a moment, I believe he felt resentful to his fans. Maybe write a song about all of this and tell us bluws your doing, then still pull it off? In Marchthe band released 25, a two-disc set one disc of hits and key tracks and a second disc of B-sides, demos, and rarities celebrating the group's 25th anniversary.

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Flag jedda on May 03, It is also a commentary on the lemmings that purchase such drivel. It is impossible to load up a song with so much and have it be accidental.

By making the hook of the song the part about the hook, he has unloaded both barrels songcraft and performance, what he says and how he says it is perfectly joined and hit a bullseye.

Some lyrics in the song also point at politicians and how they lie to us and break their promises, yet get away with it. The Mountains Win Again. Login with Facebook Error: Layer one speaks of the corruption of the music industry and how he and his fans are sellouts who give in to dumbed-down, manufactured music as long as it's catchy rather than listening tarveler ballads with true meaning and substance.

It's interesting that he speaks this part rather quickly as if to assume that it doesnt matter how important his words are the audience just wnats to get to the hook. The song peaked at 23 on the Billboard Hot General Comment He's singing about the BS and manufactured music that seems to get so popular. General Comment This song uook almost too full of meaning to relate all of it. There are probably other hkok as well.

He felt that they didn't get him and didn't actually listen to or feel the songs, but that they just thought they were catchy or had a good beat. Blues Traveler Classics Nobody has mentioned that, while he resents the music industry for churning out hip three minute ditties, at the very end of the song he says "When I'm feeling stuck and need a buck I don't rely on luck. During the final portion of the song, the man starts changing channels quickly, often returning to see Paul Shaffer lip-synch the lyrics and play keyboard with bluss band.

It's not actually rap; he is singing. This Can't Be Life.

Hook (Blues Traveler song)

Blkes contempt for MTV is obvious and well-placed, the line about making a desperate move "or else you'll win" is wonderful. Even though the singer just told the listener there is no meaning, the singer knows no one really listens. Flag Glop29 on February 03, The point of the song is that it doesnt matter what this song is about or any song is about as long as it has a good hook. Anne Boleyn lost her head when the next great thing came along.

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