Cooling tower selection

In case of doubt, one can always contact CTI. The configuration typically has a larger footprint. High quality FRP is not cheap but offers excellent characteristics with regard to corrosion and structural strength.

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Some manufactures build only a steel frame, often from galvanised steel and use low-cost light-weight FRP panels as casing panels of the cooling towers. Spray system which is non-corrosive and easy to clean should be used.

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The air flow is counter to falling water. The scope of this article, however, is to focus on packaged-type of cooling towers and not field-erected cooling towers. A few of the major requirements for a cooling tower to minimise or avoid the development of LD bacteria in a cooling tower are as follows:. A criterion using an approach smaller than 2. At Heat Transfer Sales of the Carolinas, we are invested in the success of our customers. Cooling towers allow designing of cost-effective systems with maximum system efficiencies.

However, it is more focused on the prevention of the development and spread of Legionella LD Bacteria. A common value for the wind forces used in the region is 2.

Compared xelection previous building codes that considered only the building structure and component anchorage, the requirements contained within the IBC address anchorage, structural integrity and operational capability of a component, following either a seismic or wind load event.

Powered by Google Maps Widget. The aim of this article is to provide an overview of a few important criteria that need to be applied when selecting or specifying a cooling tower for a project. In the latter case, assurance will probably be needed about the final quality and after-sales support, especially with regard to spare parts and replacements. Consider super low sound fans when low noise levels are needed. Single water inlet per cell — easier piping and no balancing per inlet needed.

It is important to note that thanks to modern fan technology developments, axial fan units can be made available that meet very stringent sound criteria without being penalised on the power consumption of the centrifugal fan units. The fill is completely encased in the unit casing, and as such has a maximum of protection.

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Considering the benefits, induced draft axial fan-type cooling towers should always be the first choice. In order to have a tower which offers you the minimum challenges to control LD development in your cooling tower, go for the counterflow-type.

Selecting such cooling towers assures that you will receive the specified performance as well as fair play between all seelection different equipment manufactures. The drive type for the fan of a cooling tower is often not examined terribly closely in the initial cost of the system. There are two main types of air flow configurations for cooling towers, counter-flow and cross-flow.

How to Select a Cooling Tower

For cooling towers they specify that the maximum power rating of the fan motors should selectioj exceed 0. There are two types of cooling towers available — forced draft, using centrifugal fans and induced draft, using axial fans. Besides the higher water losses with crossflow type of towers, the potential spread of contaminated droplets from a crossflow tower is five times higher, as with the modern counterflow cooling towers.

Usually, the cost of FRP towers fall somewhere between galvanized and stainless Steel units. This is a major issue with crossflow type of towers where the condenser water is fed to two open hot water basins at the top, which need toser be balanced with expensive valves to ensure proper distribution over both sides of the cooling tower.

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Cooling towers typically run in a complicated environment. There should be minimum drift losses. System designers generally must consider cooling loads, cost, and environment. Cooling Tower Materials Cooling towers typically run in a complicated environment. The only reasons why centrifugal fan-type units selecyion or should be considered are applications where the cooling towers are installed inside the building and the fans need to handle an extra static pressure or when extreme coooling sound levels need to be achieved.

This is the most widely used drive type because of low first costs.

Configuration Types There are two main types of air flow configurations for cooling towers, counter-flow and cross-flow. And we believe in the products we represent.

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