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Am I right to calculate that I mix 2. It also contains a very extensive note taking features for recipes. But this is also ELR's achilles heel. It's got active inventory tracking with a much easier implementation than JC as seen in the video above.

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Stephen Mc kenna on November 14, at 2: You may use these HTML tags and attributes: I suppose many mixers discard previous versions, but I have often referred back to 3 or 4 prior versions on occasion.

e-Juice Lab Mixing Calculator

Zoe on August 9, at 2: This is the second most popular recipe showcasing site and is continually being updated with features. Wow, just starting to mix my own,finding your calculator almost a godsend getting on a bit, old man your calculator simplicity personified well done.

I hope you find this e-liquid calculator useful. Your email address will not be published.

All information on this website is for general entertainment purposes only. Brilliant calculator, so easy to use. Ejuicemeup has been my go-to calculator for quite sometime. Liauid on December 9, at 2: The first type is what I call the "Hoarder.

New recipe :: e-Liquid Calculator

How many drops of flavour should I add. I bought a ml of diluted flavoring to add to this premix. It's got active inventory tracking with a much easier implementation than JC as seen in the video above. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Check out the rest of the blog for electronic cigarette reviews and more!

That way I always have access to my previous versions, which I find invaluable. Juice calculator and Grinder just updates inventory after mixing, and tracks steep time of a batch, not the details of the version of recipe used.

Crème de Vape E-Liquid Mixing Calculator - Creme de Vape

Latest posts by Benji Waters see all. New coil still mostly vg taste. Many thanks for your time, Alex. Oh yeah, there is also an Android app. I got some nicotine that is 60pg40vg 3mg mix how do I use that in my calculator any one can help me out.

Comparing E-liquid Calculators (Best DIY E-liquid Calculators)

Then the other is the "Showcaser. I would of course link your site as the original author of the calculator. The only thing this calc doesn't do is showcase recipes.

Hi Paddy, Calcultor made this on WordPress, you are welcome to link to it through your site. Vapeoholic on June 22, at 4: Does that calculation seem correct right? I am a serious 'vaper' and very passionate about our freedom to use electronic cigarettes. It's service is really catered toward the "hobbyist" mixer, one who actively engages with the community, mixes up tons of community recipes, and wants a place to showcase their recipes alongside other great mixers.

This means, while there is a subscription fee, this guarantees a much higher output of great recipes, flavor notes, and information. This article will outline the best features of the most popular calculators to help make your mixing as less of a chore as possible.

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