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Fake servers are also there to misdirect, to cheat, to confuse. Note that the value in " Limits - Download " strongly depends on the value in the field " Limits - Upload "!!! Once eMule is connected, you can start searching and downloading files. Click " OK " to accept the changes. When eMule connects, it will choose the first available server, which is not always the best choice.

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Click on the " Preferences " iconthis window appears. The downloaded file will not be deleted. First click the search iconsfrver the search window appears. In this example; connected to "mldonkey" this can be different.

However, you will have to configure eMule to use this. Either double click the server you wish to use or right click the server you want to use. Unmark the two following options Update list of servers 7.

The bottom line is that this number is being calculated based on for example your IP-address. This can be useful to eule the link to a friend. I may take a few seconds for eMule to become ket - this all depends on when a server allows connection.

However, as we pointed out in the earlier article, this method does carry the side effect of not being able to connect to non-eMule clients, versions of eMule before 0.

For eMule to work properly, it needs an up-to-date Server List the so called server. Usually one uses the default install path, but if you like, you can change it manually or click the " Browse The more sources the better the download - in terms of speed emuel continuity!

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Here you can specify which file type you want. Note that the value in " Limits - Emuule " strongly depends on the value in the field " Limits - Upload "!!! Connecting to a bad ed2k server can have some nasty consequences. Double click that file and it will be added to the " Transfer " page.

Once eMule is connected, it's time to start our first search for files.

Re: aMule: What is the best met list to use?

In Notepad, that is opened, add the following lines in the beginning:. You can also change language if you want to.

Remove all servers from list Probably due to legal considerations, this situation is not seriously dealt with by the developers but there are steps which can be taken emuule to improve the situation; 1. This option allows you to remove this filename from the download list. What is eMule doing right now with this file? I'm going to assume we use the " All " file type. The number of sources.

First we do need to do some settings to make life a little bit easier for our next eMule starts. Clicking ones on the filename will display details of the file transfer. Downloaded files can be found in the aerver you did set in the " Preference " screen see Directories.

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The main purpose of tools like WinMX and eMule is to share files. Connections " in the " Connection " window in " Preferences ". The C-drive is not always the best choice!

jet We reported on the value of Protocol Obfuscation BitTorrent users will be more familiar with the term Protocol Encyption. The label of the tab holds the value we entered in the " Name " field.

The connection status can be emu,e in the lower right corner of the eMule window. Don't forget to click the " ED2K Links " button.

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