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May 22, 3. Postafi 22 min ago. Jul 28, 6. Want to play Gin Rummy? Google Play's top ranked!

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Levels 18 Kyu to 3 Dan - no ads. The first 2 games are fully 3D and each allow play with several well-crafted piece sets and boards, against a range of AI opponents of very different skills and abilities. See top 9 reviews! May 22, 3.

There are over 70 different AI opponents to play with including Omar Sharif himself as well as 9 beautiful card set designs to collect and use. I think level 4 is around or even lower thats my rating here at chess.

AI Factory

Play Google Play's top ranked Hearts now! Play Google Play's top rated Checkers now!

I've tried playing level 6,7 and above but the engine's play, particularly the opening, is very good. Trap your opponents pieces between your own and claim them for yourself. Google Play's top ranked Euchre! Hearts AI Factory Limited 1.

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I have managed to make 6 consecutive wins on level 4 and the program says I am ELO. Friday Night 3D Pool and Billiards Championship Tournament in Japan, have both been recognised for their realistically-rendered balls and table and the solid physics behind the movement. The pieces loosely correspond to Western Chess, including a front row of pawns, but the moves are different.

Google Play's top ranked Backgammon! Houston we have a problem!!!

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Like Chess, this game is a serious challenge. Postafi 33 min ago. This is Google Play's top ranked Hearts app! Chess AI Factory Limited 1.

Google Play's top ranked! It is far far too much!!! Forums Off Topic specter Reversi AI Factory Limited 1. Apr 16, 5. Against level 5 I never had a chance, and was usually down at least a piece within the first 15 moves.

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Play Tic Tac Toe 3x3, 4x4, fxctory, 6x6 gamee 15x15 Go-moku now! I play the chess game programmed by AI Factory Limited which is downloadable in the android marketplace. I also play chess by AI Factory and i play level 4 a lot that's the level i could beat. Play this outstanding puzzle now!

Log In or Join. The advent of fast 3D hardware has made it possible to somewhat enrich the presentation of such games, way beyond what has been offered before.

I started playing Chess by AI Factory about 3 weeks ago. Euchre AI Factory Limited 1.

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