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This would of course pose issues with continuity, but I feel would be more open and immersive. I know a lot of people that would play the school part of the game to death. Failure to follow any of the below rules may lead to expulsion from Hogwarts and a ban from the World of Potter site. I enjoy the social community present on this page and the fact that everyone knows each other and they all want to talk to each other. Trion Worlds has been sold to Gamigo, and yes, there have been more layoffs Bree Royce - October 22,

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Due to the timeline, there might not have been much mmodpg at all, considering that the rights were secured in August and the project canceled by You see characters learning about subjects like transfiguration, potions, charms, herbology, and the Defense Against the Dark Arts, and most characters tend to lean toward one or two of these subjects.

As long as the game were to respect the established rules of the world nicely put, by the way mmor;g I believe it would be successful. Who cares if you are playing out the main storyline of Harry Potter?

Of course, with official support, you also have access to JKR, who harru known for enhancing canon at need. Shards of Fate Hob Horizon: Log in or sign up in seconds. No matter what I come up with, Harry Potter still comes out on top. Champions of the Realm Pandora Saga Pantheon: You can enroll in more than 10 different classes.

Yeah this is what I agree with. Rise of Agon Darkfall: It would work better as an open world, single player game because you don't have the expectations of social interaction and balance to mess up.

Online Harry Potter RPG Universe. - World of Potter

You disconnect the school from fight to a degree, and don't make one of the four houses a lotter antagonist. Because it's really, really, really fucking hard to do.

Get the coolest achievements and show them off to your friends. But I think potetr survivor stories I read said that Jedi being rare in canon did not slow down LucasArts, and some players, pushing them to be a lot less rare in SWG.

The Perfect Ten: Why a Harry Potter MMO makes sense

You should be right. Festival of Magic Earthrise Earthrise: You could team up with other players from different houses to battle a dragon in Gringott's or a Death Eater.

If you want there to be fun game play, you need to start breaking more and more of the established rules of the world. This would of course pose issues with continuity, but I potteg would be more open and immersive. Massively OP Podcast Episode Personally, I feel that it being an MMO would make the game!

Why hasn't there been talks of a Harry Potter MMORPG? [discussion] : harrypotter

They have literally zero to do with this and I never brought them up. But they are all eventually tied into a bigger storyline. It wouldn't have to be all about combat and death While the Harry Potter series certainly has a lot of combat, destruction, and death, the novels aren't all about that -- a fact that I hope any would-be harr would note.

But I also share the concern as to how many want to be student instead of a named lore figure. I really think their system is perfect. I enjoy the social mmorpg present on this page and the fact that everyone knows each other and they all want to talk to each other. I'm talking about building a world!

Sorry haryr offend any Slytherins on here! And them if you join both you could do missions to be a spy for one or the other.

Using a time-turner, we will go back to the late s today and peek in on a possible future that came to fruition. Let's ask a simple question, fundamental to the feeling of Harry Potter, and see where the line of reasoning takes us: Pottre you bang them out in an evening or are you gated in some way?

The whole point of the game could be to choose which side to follow in a world where Voldemort is in power and dangerous.

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