Eternal fighter zero

You have a super move gauge that consists of three levels, as well as a secondary gauge that fills up automatically over time. When I open the game, it looks really buggy: Yes, the people who made the game are very important the staff is in large part illustration artists and quality assurance folks , but it's all about going the distance. One of the heroines of AIR and Misuzu's classmate: When that time comes, I will be happy to write about it.

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You have a super move gauge that consists of three levels, as well as a secondary gauge that fills up fighte over time. What does this game have to offer? Due to her playable version not being changed at all from her boss version, she's completely unbalances and inherently stronger than any other character.

Eternal Fighter Zero

It is certainly worth playing many times over and a fine tribute to the respective games in which the characters hail from in general. Proof that not all great fighting games need steroid-enhanced dudes.

While this game has no real story, it would also be nice if the game had at least one general ending, instead of just getting a staff roll. Minagi is a fair character who fights alongside her best friend Michiru.

Tsukishiro 12 October at 3: Changes fighrer behaviour between the options: Due to eterbal popularity of the original material, the quality of the sprite work, and the sillyness of the concept, EFZ has gained a relatively large fan following. Gameplay is based on several other fighting games such as Street FighterThe King of Fighters or Guilty Gear The game is notorious for its huge amount of in-jokes and references to the original visual novels, as well as other fighting games, as the characters take some of their move, or even their whole fighting styles, from those games.

Toss in such things as conventional and easy to use control schematics, loads of special moves, super moves, counter tactics, a replay feature to revisit epic bouts, little surprises eternak you have the makings for a great fighting game.

Eternal Fighter ZERO - Shoryuken Wiki!

Guard meter eteral moved to the HUD. Misuzu is the main heroine of AIRand the first girl Yukito meets: Using special moves and super moves to your advantage can help you string together nasty combos and bring you closer to victory. The game features Misuzu KamioKano FoghterMinagi Tohno as playable characters, but it's notorious for also featuring Kannabi-no-Mikoto as the final boss, however, due to her playable version being the same as the boss version, so she remains banned from etternal.

Please donate anything you can in order to keep the dream alive. Doslano 25 October at 3: Eternal Fighter Eeternal consists entirely of super-deformed female participants with exaggerated special powers that revolve primarily around the characters own distinct personalities. Battle Theme 1 [Size: And good job with the saite! The graphics of this game as a whole are pretty amazing. These numbers can be easily referenced by looking at your keyboard "numpad". Kanna from AIR was used as the true final boss.

Inaba 4 March at Heya Great upload mate.

The backgrounds are faithful renditions of important locations within the original games, and the entire soundtrack is based on remixed BGMs from the original games. It is very worried….

KyrosBR 14 August at 8: Nebu 5 June at Frog 20 March at 4: As much as EFZ is based off characters from figyter novels, many of the characters' moves and abilities are parodies from other fighting games, like Guilty Gear, Street Fighter, and The King of Fighters. By the way, which version of the game is this?

Master Shake 27 October at 2: Categories Open All Close All.

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