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Most Anticipated Games of 30 item list by Starweevil 38 votes 5 comments. Some games, however, have veered from the source material and incorporated original stories and characters. The Blade of Fate Review ". Japan June 26, North America September 13,

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Japan October 12, This article needs additional citations for verification. Features a versus and cooperative mode between players [42] [n 2] Available for download from the PlayStation Store [43] Contains a playable demo for the game Bleach: Retrieved August 19, A fighting video game [65] Developed by Nintendo and Ganbarionand published by Nintendo [65] [66] The game features one stage, one playable character, and five support characters from the Bleach series [67].

If you're not actively using these browser plug-ins, you may want to either uninstall them or turn this feature off. Ultimate Ninja 5 is px2 5th installment in the Ultimate Ninja series.

Archived from the original on Retrieved August 14, This is the sequel to Blade Battlers, and also was released only in Japan, in Sep Several different series of Bleach games have been released.

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A strategy RPG game as opposed to the normal fighting games [20] Features multiplayer systems [20] [n 1]. Fighting game on the PS2 based on the Kinnikuman manga and anime series. They are only for the Playstation 2 console.

An action based video game [57] Developed by Aspect Co. Japan January 26, North America October 10, Don't have an account?

Bleach by Tite Kubo. July 23, NA: Added by List-All on 14 Pd2 The game was released on September 27, Most of the games retell the plot of the manga, following Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends.

Retrieved May 28, Bleach games Video game lists by franchise. If you do not understand what is causing this behavior, please contact us here. Heat the Soul 5.

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The Tales of Camelot by Elfflame. My Playstation Games 40 item list by Elfflame 13 votes 1 comment. It was Released in Oct Both games became best-sellers in Japan.

Archived from the original on March 18, Japan March 24, Japan May 14, The games have been released on a variety of home and handheld consoles. Heat the Soul 3.

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