Duck dance riddim 1987

Junior Brammer - Freak. Horace Andy - Skylarking Riddim: Aye, I can veer into anything which broadens my understanding of reggae. Soundclash - 80s Jammys

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Two types of skanks, Ska skanks 19887 one, Reggae Skanks are two times, depending on the feel Then you have the STICK, the percussive palm muted notes picked on guitar sticking to the bass line or sometimes doing its own thing. Yeah, I'm gonna crowbar a punk band in here. On that note, The Clash had a huge huge reggae influence in them.

Lady Saw - No Matta Me. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Troyon - Kill A Sound - Riddim: Naki - Original Ninja Revolution Rock I liked. Jimmy Cliff seems to have a pretty interesting history so I'll definitely have to ridsim into that more.

Culture T - Duppy Pon Gun You Should Have Known. Edi Fitzroy - The Gun.

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Daddy Screw - Sniff. Jigsaw - Dubplate Business.

Trinity - Three Piece Suit - Riddim: Then prince jammys produced digital riddim sleng teng, which formed the digital dancehall age in jamaica. President Leo - My Sound.

Duck Dance riddim at

Triston Palmer - Raving To complete the set, here they are together covering The Clash. On the gorgeous acoustic ballad he gives all his praise to the Almighty, while announcing his spiritual evolution without any apology.

Richie Stevens - Forever - Riddim: I'm particularly enjoying late 80's and early 90's digital dancehall at the moment for example:.

Peter Bouncer - Dancing Time Are you allowed to veer off into Rocksteady?

Early days the drums were mic'ed with one mic, but when they had mutli-channel boards thats when they were mic'ing the drums up with a bunch, doing a live mix and sendin it to one track. Danny Dread - Defeat Jack Radics - Get Ready Soundboy. Dean Fraser - Heavenless - Riddim: Forgive rixdim if it's not all truly reggae, but there's a hell of a lot of overlap between reggae, ska, occasionally punk and rideim.

SoJA were mentioned by another poster as well, I'll definitely be checking out more of their stuff.

Duck Dance Competition – Various Artists [1988]

Like Unfold's list a lot, but can I just add: Junior Brammer - Freak. Cornell Campbell - Two Face Rast. Pick Up The Pieces. Cornell Campbell - Walk Right In. Basically, I do the project this year by myself, then next year I do it all again, better, and dajce.

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