Git client for windows

Git and Hg on your desktop A fully-featured GUI that offers an efficient, consistent development process right out of the box. There the roles of those involved in driving this project further down the road are described in detail. Has the most features and most logical layout.

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Information density can be a bit much.

Requires users to be online when starting up. SmartGit is a great professional level Git client that is free to use for non-commercial organizations.

Git for Windows

Supports selecting open issues from JIRA. Ugly, looks like a web app.

Can generate ggit RSA key pair. Git not only makes it easier to code for windiws application, but it also helps you with some collaboration features so that you can work efficiently with your team on a project.

Learn Get started with Sourcetree by following this tutorial and master Git and your projects in no time. Easy to remember mnemonics. You might be flabbergasted to see the number of buttons and operations available on the UI. Not even possible to change the password. Very good stash support.

So, these were some of the Git clients that I have used and found useful. Poor visibility in interface. Does not allow offline installation. Please look at the technical overview of the Git for Windows packaging and how to include your changes in your own custom installer.

Governance Model If you are interested in contributing to the Git for Windows project, have a look at the current governance model.

Free unlimited private repositories Built-in continuous delivery Jira and Trello integration for planning. The tool provides you with a wonderful UI that lets you manage your code without typing in any commands in the command window. Does not allow offline installations. My Recommendation for TortoiseGit.

Git - Downloading Package

Using the client instead of the command line makes it really easy for coient to jump between branches and stay on top of what is happening with the codebase. You can create new repositories, add local repositories and perform most of the Git operations from the UI.

My Recommendation for git-cola. Bitbucket is more than just Git code management. Download for Mac OS X. Nice repository management tool. Stage and discard changes by the file, hunk or line. My Rec ommendation for gmaster.

Sourcetree | Free Git GUI for Mac and Windows

SourceTree is an enterprise-grade tool that you might be using as a part of a larger team. Probably the most useful of this lot. Works with Git and Mercurial. Request recommendations from the community.

Non-GitHub repositories are not fully supported. Can edit file in workspace or index directly from the compare view.

Eases initial git configuration. Best submodule workflow on the market.

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