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Thanks for recommending Stickies. A small pad of original style lined yellow Post-It brand notes. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Post-it notes.

Views Read Edit View history. One of the most popular options, Sticky Notes 8 should be your first stop. The free versions for Android and Apple are very good, as good if not better than any mentioned above. Virtual Post-It Notes have been created for computer in the form of desktop notes. From the tray, users create a new note, which pops up as a yellow sticky note. Do any of these do anything other than typed text? After playing a little bit with gimp i would say you can choose a value as computre as 60 or 70 if there are no false positives you can reduce the value even lower.

This application lets the user pin important notes to the desktop so that they're always visible.

I challenge a user to find its Achilles heel My issue is that it won't compjter to set up sync for Evernote. You can for example use contourArea contour[n] to get the area of the nth contour. What Evernote Sticky Notes Does This application lets the user pin important notes to the desktop so that they're always visible.

Post-it Note

This page was last edited on 4 Octoberat But the PC version is more than bang for the buck: What I would like to find is a sticky note program that would allow notes to be stuck to different desktops. It only takes a few steps to install this cool app.

More Easy to set up, take notes and sync them across multiple devices.

AhmedOpposition No. Work on your papers, reports, or memos in word processor available in many languages.

Download Evernote Sticky Notes now! If I try to move one to a different desktop, all the stickies move to the different desktop. Right clicking on this icon will give you the option to open a new note.

This free program embeds itself in the system tray and offers very little beyond the capability to make and sort notes, which is perfectly fine with us. Very stable, easy to search for notes and can run on many platforms.

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In 3M launched the new "Post-It Extreme Notes" designed to be more durable and water-resistant and to stick to a variety of surfaces to which regular Post-It notes do not easily adhere. However, this one can have its color changed and its transparency adjusted thanks to the pull down menu at the top of the note. Hot-keys, and all the other usual ckmputer nice! Retrieved 24 August The size can also be adjusted on the note, but that's the end of the formatting options.

While use of the trademark 'Post-it' in a representative sense refers to any sticky note, no legal authority has ever held the trademark to be generic.

It seems like a good way to ensure that these notes get your attention. For a solid balance of features and style, Hott Notes is the way to go.

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