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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Academic Program Designed to assist professors and student, the EnCase Academic Program allows universities and colleges to bring EnCase into the classroom. Process Automate the Routine, Focus on the Investigation The EnCase Forensic evidence processor provides industry-leading processing capabilities that can automate the preparation of evidence, making it easier to complete the investigation.

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EnCase Forensic Across Your Investigation Lifecycle

Collect Secure Your Evidence. Examiners can preview data while drives or other media are being acquired.

For the coil, see encased coil. Computer forensics Mobile device forensics Network forensics Database forensics. EnCase contains tools for several areas of the digital forensic process ; acquisition, analysis and reporting. EnCase contains functionality to create forensic images of suspect media.

When coupled with EnCase Forensic, EnCase Mobile Investigator empowers forensic investigators to seamlessly acquire, review, analyze, and report on mobile evidence from the widest variety of devices so that no evidence is hidden.

EnCase Forensic Software - Top Digital Forensics & Investigations Solution

Term Based Licensing Extend the capabilities of your consulting services with a term-based license paid yearly. With an upfront commitment of no less than 3 licenses, a site license provides access to additional copies of EnCase Forensic at a pre-negotiated discounted rate, allowing you to better predict the cost of increasing your staff and your budgets year-over-year. Guidance created the category for digital investigation software with EnCase Forensic in Encase allows the investigator to conduct in depth analysis of user files to collect evidence such as documents, pictures, internet history and Windows Registry information.

The file format also appends an MD5 hash of the entire drive as a footer.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. As investigations including mobile devices grow exponentially, investigators need a solution to keep up with the latest mobile devices, applications and operating systems so that criminals can be prosecuted.

Report Tailor Your Reports for Your Audience EnCase Forensic provides a flexible reporting framework that empowers you to tailor case reports to meet your specific needs.

Powered by an indexing engine built for scale and performance, you can automate complex queries across your varied evidence sources in one step saving time and increasing your efficiency. Get You to Case Closed. Decrypt Unlock Fprensic Evidence EnCase Forensic is unmatched in its decryption capabilities, offering the broadest support of any forensic solution.

Built to help you do what you do best: Triage In the Field and in the Lab EnCase Forensic enables you to quickly search, identify, and prioritize potential evidence, in computers and mobile devices, to determine whether further investigation is warranted.


EnCase Forensic is built with the investigator in mind, providing a wide range of capabilities that enables you to perform deep forensic analysis as well as fast triage analysis from the same solution.

Perpetual License Ensure your federal, state, or local law enforcement agency has the software needed for any investigation by paying a one-time licensing fee and a small yearly maintenance fee for access to software updates, tech support, and the forensic community portal.

EnCase Forensic

Encase is traditionally used in forensics to recover evidence from seized hard drives. Be the first to review this product. The software comes froensic several products designed for forensiccyber securitysecurity analyticsand e-discovery use.

Retrieved from " https: The term option is great for any consulting organization that wants to minimize the upfront costs of getting up and running on EnCase Forensic.

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Built with feedback from our forensic community, you will learn those better ways during this webinar as we explore new capabil The software also includes a scripting facility called EnScript with various API's for interacting with evidence. EnCase Forensic Across Your Investigation Lifecycle From the moment a case is opened to the moment you hand it over to the district attorney, you'll get your work done right, through: The indices can be chained together to find possible keywords common in other investigations.

Digital forensic process Data acquisition Digital evidence eDiscovery Anti-computer forensics. Retrieved 31 August Glossary of digital forensics terms.

Process Automate the Routine, Focus on the Investigation The EnCase Forensic evidence processor provides industry-leading processing capabilities that can automate the preparation of evidence, making it easier to complete the investigation. One of the common methods that is used to get around the locks on a device for the Android operating system is the use of a bootloader.

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