Age of empires campaigns

My DTS campaign Please don't overlook it, I have taken my time on it. HD edtion has some problem. But everyone has theirs opinion!

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Two campaing files from trial version of Age of Empires Taken from demo cd. Battle empirez Conqs the list everyone left out here but I guess they're considered filler campaigns.

Age of Empires: Single Player Campaigns

Submit a new text post. I got Age of Empires II on my twelfth birthday.

Please don't overlook it, I have taken my time on it. I woke up at 5: Pedro de Valdivia en la tierra de Arauco.

Well in Mexico i did learn about Cuahtemoc as well as Montezuma wich i know as Moctezuma but i could understand the rest of the world probably wouldnt know much about Cuauhtemoc. Generally loved all the Age of Kings and Conquerors campaigns.


Gotta be honest I campaibns patience on mission 2. Log in or sign up in seconds. Single Player Scenarios Definitive Edition: My DTS campaign A lot of the AoK campaigns are just slightly dressed-up build and destroy missions, but the Conquerors ones are a bit more creative and varied IMO although some of those are admittedly also just slightly dressed-up build and destroy missions.

Skenderbeu The Albanian national hero takes you on a mepires.

I like the last El Cid campaign the best where he's od and can't be controlled and needs to survive. I did every campaign in that manner. I remember in the level where you're introduced to walls, I walled off my whole base and posted sentries and everything.

Not played enough of the Forgotten Empires or Rise of the Rajas to rate them. I was so lost in the first Dracula mission. Also I lost several times before I figured out how to get across that bridge with the handcannons. Submit a new link.

Age of Kings Heaven - The Blacksmith :: Campaigns

Windows 7 Color Fix CD version only. The lack of voice acting made following the story difficult to understand who was who and when they where talking, and even the bumper stories where silent so my attention span never had a chance. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Want to add to the discussion? Perseus's Wonder Get resources and build wonder. King Wolo and his empire king wolo, a strong foe! Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Mafia Empires 1 My first campaign.

The African kingdoms where so fantastic and on point, same for rajas. Single Player Scenarios Age of Empires: I thought my game had bugged when that happened.

Folkungaupproret A campaign based on the events that took place during the 13th century in Sweden. Multi Player Scenarios Definitive Edition: The story is about "Hawkeye" who was trapped by "Uncas" and soldiers of Uncas in a dead end.

HD edtion has some problem.

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