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Choose the Pro license for additional features. Cross platform software made easy! I have used this program in a variety of settings and have never ran into any issues. April April No support Software stopped working with some Windows updates and the only workaround removed features.

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Do you use 3CX? Can be tricky to set up if you're not technically minded but guides can be found on the internet to help. PBX in you desktop or phone.

Great software, havent had any problems up till now, syxtem from what i've hear, other people really seem to like the software too. Cons Desktop app is cumbersome, but gets the job done. Fantastic product, we left Mitel for 3CX and have never looked back. Use code DW10 at the checkout page to apply your discount.

3CX Software

Cons Phone updates are a pain. If you get a lot of incoming calls ,micromanaging them can take a lot of time. Cons Before one of my colleagues showed me how to install it, I had no idea how to do it. Highly recommend it and would dare anyone to copy us.

If I had to pick somethingthe program looks outdated. Write a Review Write a Review. We are now implementing another IP phone solution. Pros many functionalities to configure from messages, to receptionist to follow-me rules, to regular internal-extension assignment. Great for many settings. I like how it is intuitive and easy to navigate.

3CX Phone System 15 review

Likes Best Useful, easy to use, saves money! For example their Phone App - getting calls from another line is simply not possible. Showing of I can choose their extension or their cell phone if phome are listed in our directory. Would be great to see the ability to break office hours down beyond single days.

Pros 3CX phonw a great free version that helps you make decisions about your future use of the software. It is also expensive as for the price of 16 calls system you can buy calls system with hardware. Cons documentation can be outdated at times reporting is not the best. We are very impressed with using 3CX. Cons No significant complaints I can think of.

3CX Phone System - ICTGlobe

Likes Least User interface and features change from version to servsion. Pros I love the direct to email voicemail system. They have amazing options for reporting and the mobile app has made being tied to your desk a thing of the past. Likes Least Would be great to see the ability to break office hours down beyond single days. Recommendations Be honest when evaluating a product like this to help the vendors improve their software.

There's no way to get in touch with them there's no support there's no phone number if you try to send them an e-mail you have to have a license key to put in there's no way to get in touch with them and if you send them an email under new customer they never get back to you I have sent them several emails with no response.

When the phone rings. Professional Services March From our office ssytem we are able to see if our guests hotel are using the phones in their rooms amd can easily xfer calls to guests or staff.

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