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Its handling in corners is just Also this car is naturally great at winning races I beat every race for this car and beat most wanted 3, 2, and 1. I've outrun so many cops with this and the Lexus LFA.

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Easy to maneuver at high speed Only car I ever used to finish the entire blacklist, one of the nicest drives hands down V 7 Comments.

Need For Speed Most Wanted Cars by Fantasy

I just started saving up. Been replaying this game without NOS and the Clio has been pwning everything.

If you pursuit with it whole game will be like action film all cops car will be trash and will be flying. Blacklist 5 Webster's car. Where can I find the other cars?

Most Wanted Top 10 - Need for Speed Most Wanted 2 Wiki Guide - IGN

With all the right mods except the body kit this car should be second on the list after the bmw. Good straight line acceleration.

I've finished the game with all of them starter cars wanfed this one was my favorite because it had no weaknesses and handled perfectly for mine or anybody else's driving style. Started using it from blacklist 13 to 1. Stupidly fast with junkman parts V 38 Comments. If you crank this car to the absolute max, it is absolutely untouchable on any circuit, sprint, lap knockout, or tollbooth race.

M3 is the 3rd. Murcielago is the best car of the game in my experience because its speed full handling full and acceleration almost full. Got it just today, had to have many races with this beast to win it. It's a cop car murderer.

Blacklist 2 Bull's car. I beat the game with only a golf. Whoever added this car should remove it now! I honestly didn't expect to keep it after I defeated sonny but here I am going after Baron in it. I'mm go roundd like Baby Driver V 3 Comments.

Best Need For Speed Most Wanted Cars - Top Ten List - TheTopTens®

Even on the drag races. Amazing the best but viper wins it 4 me! I love muscle bfs. Thank you for your interest in this question.

Absolutely the best car in the game V 7 Comments. You can't nfss wrong with this car, unless you're thinking into doing pursuits then you're better off with something else, but for racing and sprints this is definitely one of the best options: This car is great for pursuits along with a "lower" price In my opinion the best car of the game: This is the most wanted car in Meraj99 3, 12 40 Tops over mph with mods but you have to beat the top ten which is a little hard.

Also this car is naturally great at winning races I beat every race for this car and beat most wanted mosg, 2, and 1. In short this car is the most powerful in the game Well it can handle with ease the heat level 5 and it wont disapoint you in races I find it better to handle than the gallardo or the viper lets see how its gonna fare against razor V 14 Comments.

Very stable in high or medium speed corners. Best car in the game try beating your time in any circuit, sprint, knockout or speed trap with this beauty and you surely will succeed in beating even the fastest cars.

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