Down to you m leighton

Cash is dangerous, sexy, and bad to the bone—a man whose kisses make Olivia forget she is playing with fire. But obviously he is far too sexy not to be forgiven And just when you think you have a happy ending the author messes with your mind again! Four balls, two penises, and a vagina

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Isn't there some sort of author police out there that can intervene? I shall have no control over my verbal diarrhea while reading this book. I was dribbling by the mention of his name.

Well, the book was hot like bend me over the bar hot and entertaining with lrighton strong plot, but nothing just made it really stand out for me. It left me hanging, left me craving, left me wanting more!! He lives by the beat of his on drum and answers to no one. You are just going to get her and not invade a country!

Book Review – Down To You by M. Leighton

It's Nash, Cash's twin brother who is dating her cousin. He's also dating a girl who works at said law firm. Cash is even more yummier in this one then that last. Lists with This Book. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

I usually hate love triangles because I can never tell who she'll end up with. His goals are set in place.

Down to You by M. Leighton |

So, outrageous plot twist notwithstanding, I really very much enjoyed this book. Enjoy the yummy ride! The mafia drama was not enough for me to get me through the second book. And now with Marissa being kidnapped and held in exchange for the information Cash holds It was great getting inside their minds and seeing where they were at.

For Olivia, romantic bliss has never felt so right as it does with Cash. I will never be able to hear this song without thinking of Cash Even though she made a ridiculous mistake, it was worth the excitement of seeing Leightoj and Gavin in action.

Down to You

Is there no end to my embarrassment with this guy? But at the same time he's having all these contradictory thoughts about wanting to touch her to know she's safe and thinking everything about her is perfect and adorable.

Cercasi voglia di scrivere questa recensione. And a fully functioning brain. In Up to Me, Olivia is still unsure about her feelings towards Cash. I didn't see that coming.

With the brow raised and those lips curled up at the corners, he looks exactly like his brother. I really did enjoy the book, but I needed not to know to make leightob great.

This sounds like penis problems" I mean seriously Leightoh can you be my best friend? They make me forget that I care about anything. That seems vaguely familiar.

But it isn't always roses and rainbows Dec 22, April Brookshire rated it it was ok Shelves: Possessed of an overactive imagination from early in her childhood, Michelle finally found an acceptable outlet for her fantastical visions: Then I think of what I could do in the knee pads

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