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If anyone can help me, then please leave a comment here! D That could maby help.. Posted by Bluttarn Yeah I guess I need to do that. Attempting x fullscreen with 32 bpp at 60 hz Game window successfully created. I think that is possible.

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I bought the game off of Steam when I was still in Berlin. • View topic - CoD 4 english language pack

Kapanga Joined 10y ago. Thanks for all the bullshit gramps Gramps, if you can throw it up somewhere that'd be awesome. If anyone can help me, then please leave a comment here! Then there are 2 folders missing: Have you created a profile?

Missing Files/Folders in Call of Duty 4 Activision Folder

I did indeed download a pirated version of the game and couldn't extract what I needed from the CD. Weird lag on servers Just for kicks I launched the game after two HUGE updates and the game set to english and it's still in german. There's a fix I'll link to in a sec, but first things first.

They can't be "missing", they've got to be somewhere. Attempting x fullscreen with call bpp at 60 hz Game window successfully created. UrGrandmomma New Member Aug 24, Docs, Main, Miles, Mods, pb, Zone.

D That could maby help. If you have, then it's got to be somewhere, the trick seems to be just finding it, right?

If you have a game name you're able to play with online, then the folders are somewhere; it's the "where" that's the problem. I just got it now what you were trying to say You can get started on these. There are 29 files left. Euty not going so quick either. And it's downloading another shitload of data while it "updates" the game and re-grabs all the shit it removed.

With COD4 Of course. YourGrandpa Blockheaded Blubberboy Joined: Again, whether you put the new maps in the main folder here, or engllish the main cod folder I don't know? All of these files go into the "english" folder. I like how your squadmates both wait for you and guide you.

Fedda Joined 12y ago. Steam usually is pretty good at sorting shit out and it automatically updates itself to keep in top shape. I've also found englisb following in a config file in my profile: What's the multi-player error message?

Download cod4 file english zone - rotelighdi33's soup

As helpful as gramps is being, wouldn't it be quicker to just pirate it and steal the relevant files? For sone better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. My game runs fine, but I cant do anything more I know the Germans have very strict censorship regulations when it comes to war games, so is it possible that you're falling foul of some agreement between Valve and the official German censorship regulator?

Ok, well if you can play online with your game name, then somewhere don't ask me where yet your folder exists

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