Dizzy wright smoked out conversations

Login Create a Profile. This album, 'SmokeOut Conversations' is more of the same from Dizzy but a breath of fresh air in the rap industry. SmokeOut Conversations Lyrics [Verse 1:

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Dizzy Wright] We all got a belief system, preach nigga preach nigga uhh But we all can't preach dizy uhh What's yo beliefs nigga, check it I believe in God You can and believe and get It's you ain't having me believing this shit Old conspiracy weird fucking secret and shit And they ask me why I been keep it lit uhh Surrounded by what you ignore, scared of it so you don't know what's weight store See we've been here before, blinded for sure but I ain't tripping my interest only consist of moving forward Damn now she conversatkons and shit bringing her loved ones down to get attention for shit Notice it but she just need somebody to listen to with Won't even mention the shit unless it's a [Hook].

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Hat to the back, Gucci backpack, spitting crack on these lil' niggas spittin' facts like that? Who Got the Chronic?

DotEight May 30th Comments. You Don't Want That Love. Tweet user ratings What is remarkable about Dizzy is he is able to continuously talk about weed and yet still supply some great lyrics - sometimes even both on the same track.

Dizzy Wright - SmokeOut Conversations Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

II', a sequel to a great track off Dizzy's most recent mixtape. He cold nigga that's a fact". Having two tracks dedicated to pot on one album 'Local Weed Man' and 'Who Got The Chronic' is a little much to be dealing fizzy, especially if you don't smoke yourself. The Vegas born MC has dropped five mixtapes in the past but only now, after a move to Funk Volume, home of Hopsin, is he starting to gain mainstream attention.

On 1 Music Lists. Release Date April 20, Counterfeit April 21st Comments.

Verse one pretty much comforting a ladie while smoking a joint verse 2: Get it together oit the most intelligent song with the most lessons and intelligent statements. This album, 'SmokeOut Conversations' is more of the same from Dizzy but a breath of fresh air in the rap industry.

Accept My Flaws Pt. It caters to both if you don't smoke just skip. Once again, Dizzy Wright has proven he is more than your average weed rapper. I wish someone would recognize.

Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Overall I thought this was a superb debut album for a 21 year old with a long way to go in his music career. Tupik April 22nd Comments. If you want to support Dizzy and Snoked Volume, an independant label with no corporate backing, then buy this album today. If you haven't listened to Dizzy Wright before, perhaps now is the time to.

You have to be logged in to post a comment. Produced by Fonversations Hoppa. Wisdom and Good Vibes. We'll have things fixed soon. From song one to the killer song 16 this album is great. DotEight December 3rd Comments.

SmokeOut Conversations

With every lyric heard and comprehended this is way better than I though originally. Counterfeit May 5th Comments. This is a classic in my opinion.

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