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Primal Mutalisks with Primal Reconstitution can now receive fatal damage from a Choker's tentacle attack on Dead of Night. Since the old Time Warp was balanced around being on an early game unit, we wanted to increase the power of this ability to make it better fitting for a high-tech unit. Abathur Abathur's Ultimate Evolutions now have tooltips that better describe their Symbiotes' abilities. Replaced the Queen unit in the Hotkey list for Zerg Co-op Commanders Fixed an issue with the Twister Mutator not interacting properly with flying units in certain parts of the Chain of Ascension mission. Players who have a Han and Horner ally will no longer hear the announcement voice-line when a Wraith is called down.

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Hallucination was more heavily used in the past, before Adepts existed, due to the opening phases of the game being faster and the window to build up energy on a Sentry being much lower.

StarCraft II 4.5.0 Patch Notes

Damage increased from 14 28 vs armored to patchh 30 vs armored. Legionnaire base damage increased from 12x2 to 16x2. The first bonus objective will now spawn at 8 minutes instead of 7 minutes. Vorazun Fixed a bug where cloaked units would become unkillable while under certain conditions when the mutator, Eminent Starcratf, was active. Warbringer Purification Blast damage increased from to Abathur Fixed a bug where Toxic Nests were respawning on initial placement.

StarCraft II 4.6.1 Patch Notes

Hybrid Boss music will now be modified by the Music volume option under sound settings. Zerg Hydralisk attacks now have a new green visual effect once Grooved Spines has been researched. All trademarks referenced herein are the properties of their respective owners. Nova — Fixed an issue where attempting to immediately unload units after using Tactical Airlift would cause the units to be dropped off in their original location. This change also brings Purification Nova more in line with other splash effects like Siege Tank attacks and Psionic Storm.

Transformation time decreased from 1 to 0. Avenging Protocol bonus duration increased from 10 seconds to 20 seconds.

Increasing its attack rate against massive targets makes the Thor very dangerous to units like as the new Tempest and Carrier in straight-up fights. Carrier Interceptor Cost decreased from 15 to 0.

Fixed an issue on Void Launch that prevented Terran buildings from landing in certain areas.

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Missiles ability now deals 15 25 vs. Nydus Worms have been used historically for all-in strategies. Taldarin range increased from 5 to 6.

Parts pickup radius has been increased. Strike Fighter armor increased from 0 to 2. Since the intent is for Anti-Armor missile to be used as a debuff and not for its damage, we want to emphasize this purity of purpose.

Since altering the health of core units is always a big change, we will be watching to make sure Zerg still has the Hydralisk starcrafy an option, although perhaps not the best option for every matchup. An Observer using the Forged skin will now face upwards when in Surveillance Mode.

Time Warp has remained unchanged since the removal of the Mothership Core. For the Carrier, we want to make changes that allow players to show their skill in controlling this powerful capital ship. Removed Repair Drone from the Hotkeys menu.

Resolved several issues related to various sarcraft. Infestor Infested Terran cast range increased from 7 to 8 At 8 range, Infestors will be better able to cast Infested Terrans outside the range of static defenses and further away from enemy armies, allowing them to more effectively break siege lines or threaten massed enemy forces. This occurs even if an active suit is destroyed in combat and a new suit is summoned later.

Go to New Site. Editor Fixed a couple of tilesets that were displaying internal string names. Blizzarr increases the Dragoon's HP by 20, down from Here are all the times, talent, streams, and more for BlizzConincluding Opening Good luck and have fun!

Abathur Abathur's Ultimate Evolutions now have tooltips that better describe their Symbiotes' abilities.

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