Gta iv tuning mod

Fucking powerful gun and it felt like it too unlike the other guns in the game. Also seeing in the GTAV gameplay how much they've improved. What did and didn't you like about driving in gta iv?

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Goldenhawk Sep 22 5: Ryusniper Oct 2 2: Wow I guess this is the best mod I have in IV, and now it's even better?!?! Dude, I have to say this: I didn't like the inability to burn out when fully applying the gas from a standing position. The driving was worst on the PC I liked the look and feel of the cars and I liked the way the bounced around. » Car Shop Mod

So when i found this mod i jumped and danced of happyness. Best handling of all the cars. I never felt that the cars had 'speed' after driving my friends modded game with modded speed then you really come to realise how slow the cars are.

ArksTheArks commented over 6 years ago:. Luckily the developers have said the cars will feel more realistic and closer to the ground this time.

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Also it was really annoying when the rear tires would just spin and you would have no traction and just slide around for 5 seconds or whatever, especially when trying to chase somebody on a mission. Ryusniper Oct 1 6: Leaning is achieved with the left stick.

The Moderation Team can remove any post or comment at our own discretion if mdo detrimental to the sub. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Grand Theft Auto IV. It felt realistic and smooth.

Rule tuniny can be banned without warning. GTAV is awesome This: Would be pretty cool if you had other unique gangs in GTA5, japanese gangs on street racer bikes and rival biker gangs. Yeah the ebrake is a must. - Download Area » GTA IV » Scripts Mods » Tuning Mod

People obviously put their helmets in modd gas tanks. I tried again with version 1. Click "Ok" and you are done. At first, you need to open the "Nvidia control panel".

I stopped using the normal brakes and and just switched to the e-brake exclusively. Duckface commented over 8 years ago:. Searching to see if I missed something is how I got here. Motorcycles are much more difficult to master than cars.

Once I increased the damaged multiplier I was actually able to "wrap" cars around trees and poles, not to mention T-bone accidents became devastating. What vi a little car I forgot its name that is similar in shape to a rally car,and could drift very good?

GTA 4 mods with automatic installer

Infact, it doesn't seem scale with anything but the view distance, detail distance and vehicle density for some odd reason. So, you've played the Carmageddon Mod.

I thought it was fantastic gha my only complaint is that it wasn't even more realistic with options for weight distribution and gear ratios like racing sims. Otherwise it's a lost cause since integrated graphics processing units from CPUs can't handle this game without turning it into a slideshow.

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