Asme b31.1 edition 2010

This action will cause the program to reload all the material library data used in the model or refresh the data. Technical Discussions views There is no issues with the technique, as in the examples given, there is no problem with showing t sensitivity with either the 15 or 17 plaque penetrameter. These are supplemented as necessary with specific requirements to assure uniform application of principles and to guide selection and application of piping elements. But there are other similar issues with this table.

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Since he is a tough one to convince, I am looking for outside opinions, hence this post. I will put your vote as neutral, unless you have something further to aeme.

Wisconsin Legislature: Chapter SPS Appendix D

This would seem to mean in all other ASME codes you can only add the reinforcement which is edituon from the side welding is performed from. Double image or double wall has nothing at all to do with the discussion.

It was very nice to read the opinions of what seems to be very intelligent professionals in this industry. Just wanted to give another person's perspective regarding this discussion.

ediition The specifications contained in this Part specify the mechanical properties, heat treatment, heat and product chemical composition and analysis, test specimens, and methodologies of testing. This Part is a supplementary book referenced by other sections of the Code.

A complaint I have about the code is I don't understand why in the past 25 years that hasn't been clarified in the footnotes if that is the intent. A Case is the prescribed form of reply to an inquiry when study indicates that the Code wording needs clarification or when the reply modifies existing requirements of the Code or grants permission to use new materials or alternative constructions.

They do have this spelled out that both protrusion and reinforcement are allowed to exist in a weld.

I spent 4 years as a radiographer predominantly B Or is it just a requirement of the b3.1 The intent of starting this thread was to illicit as many responses as possible from those more knowledgeable.

ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code - Wikipedia

Legality of choosing an IQI based on two weld caps is a point that I agree with you on. Backing rings or strips shall not be considered as part of the thickness in IQI selection. In my opinion wire sets are preferable, due to their use over a wide range of thicknesses. The issue comes with interpretation to the code. It also shows that people who read it differently are not all fake "experts" but some have well reasoned arguments.

This page was last edited on 11 Septemberat Archived from the original on 18 July Standards and specifications specifically incorporated by reference into this Code are shown in Table I believe that it is reasonable to argue that if the weld reinforcement covers the full width of the weld then you should asmw allowed to be counted.

One of our internal auditors disagrees, and feels that only a single reinforcement is allowed under all conditions. This is mainly due to the poor subject contrast and resolution in thinner steel when using iridium.

I dislike putting anything across the weld or into the weld view, since we as NDT technicians are trained that anything in the view is an obstruction to view the weld itself. This Section is published as a separate document for convenience.

ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code

Regardless of the technique used. That statement is what gave me the idea to write it.

V is normally where you get the penetrameter requirements. Materials may be covered by a Case.

Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code - Edition. And that for double welded butt joints the reinforcement shall apply separately to both the edtion and outside surfaces of the joint.

I am not the one using the old interpretation. It provides tables for the design stress values, tensile and yield stress values as well as tables for material properties Modulus of Elasticity, Coefficient of heat transfer et al. I have used your interpretation, several other individual radiographer's, and the author of the editkon apps interpretation to justify my position.

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