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It certainly looks like the radar in mine displays the correct terrain in front of the plane. I guess if you are using an LCD monitor, the angle tilt and the Picture settings will have an affect on what setting is best. Inde- ed, there are some features that are missing at the moment but hopefully they will be implemented soon.

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I've been waiting for good Vagar rendition for years. Dev- eloper capyain quickly respond to any reports so finally I'm giving it 5 stars. All that being said, this is a very fun aircraft to fly, and is a definite buy, especially at this price point.

Please choose your country. Dec 11 thGender: Jan 15 thGender: No brainer for me, definitely worth the money! The installation only comes with a single default Embraer livery, but you can find a few top notch liveries at 25.

All I see is a terrain picture that doesn't match the actual terrain in front of the aircraft.

All right except one thing: All prices include VAT where applicable. In truth, they're not that bad, and overall this is an excellent aircraft to add to your collection. Beautiful texturing and modelling creating an authentic experience while being on ground at the airport. Please Login or Register. The app delivers on job acceptance, schedules and flight tracking.

While there are objects at the village close to the airport, there captqin plenty of flat buildings and bushes visible on the texture elsewhere. An active internet connection is required for activation.

Ft Worth, Texas Joined: It does take a while to fully comprehend the FMS, but once you do, it's an outstanding simulation! What use is it at 30,ft There sure is a use for the radar at 30,ft.

VAT All sales based on Euro. You mentioned step one, turn the button on TurbofanDude wrote on Dec 14 that 4: To be honest, I hesitated getting this purely on the basis of the somewhat lacking internal cockpit graphics.


If you turn off Dynamic Lighting, all works well. This scenery is amazing. Ponte Vedra Beach,Fl Joined: I wish our company products could even come close to competing with yours! B Radar Reply 6 - Dec 14 that 4: Customers who bought this product also purchased.

Video cannot be played.

Cheap, easy on FPS and very detailed. Inde- ed, there are some features that are missing at the moment but hopefully they will be implemented soon.

I don't see any way of turning the B button on I was asking about the CS B radar, not the sij thing. The modelling and details are exceptional and make you feel really nice sik flying there.

Photo colour blending with the airport grass is not well done in some seasons, and there is a very visible straight border between the satellite terrain part and the landclass terrain, located close to the runway.

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