Aq world private server

Hope this clears things up a bit. To use your weapon, click on it a second time. I am also getting this error!

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This combined with worse internet connections makes raiding a lot harder. I think a lot of people have a warped view with what amount of time is normal to spend on wow.

I thought I was a good raider; did well for myself, played on and off since TBC, cleared mythic raids in legion before nerfs, got tough raid achievements, etc. We are re-rolling the files to the alpha testing server!

I was probably 15 qa 16 playing a hunter when this happend running mb of ram on an old macbook. Otherwise you are just a fool with a straw man argument.

Note that this is in response to a prior poster saying "it's just as likely to be more difficult than it privvate to be less difficult.

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You bring up numbers with two decimals of accuracy only to completely forego any actual pfivate of any math involved, you are just lazily laying out your gut feeling, nothing more. Your Skills You receive skills with your classes. The first step is going local. Eventually the guild buckled for some reason or another.

Animation added to the character creation process used an older version of the "player skeleton". That's a fair point. Killing C'thun first day makes me think you guys were either practicing on a private server or everyone already had experience from a past server or something.

Demystifying how quickly AQ/Naxx was cleared on private servers : classicwow

The mafia gets away with it because they have dedicated players on both factions that will clear contesters. We know it is late! Are they counting the time they run around getting the buffs?

Originally Posted by mtdewrush. Almost all damage, armor and resistance coefficient values for virtually every ability in the game, related to virtually every mob in the game, is based on pure guesswork. You finish all those steps, and you're connectable. We are honored privahe you joined us to create your character and be a part of seerver special event. Obviously, there is not enough room for everyone, and since this is an MMO built on AQWorld's engine and resources, the most servee thing to allow do is limit this phase to players with active AQWorlds Memberships.

As someone who's been involved in P. Tanks and key roles are often willing to jump to a new guild that isn't stuck at a particular part of a raid after multiple weeks without progress when they feel they're more committed than the rest of their raid, leaving at least 39 other people to enter the sea of free agents, who are more likely to get future guild positions over a fresh Obviously these top guilds will clear in hours, no matter what.

This in turn means your healers are better and more effective, so the tank can wear less mitigation gear and more threat gear, which then means your DPS can go nuts on and not be threat capped.

Yay Oke after alot of searching and trying i have found out how to fix it!


It all comes back to the fact that without Blizzard's own database, there is no way private server figures are accurate. At this time, until we improve our chat filters, free players are restricted to canned chat.

We use cookies on this site to enhance your experience, provide services and products, and display content from third parties. Not to mention general politics that play into guild progression and their ability to stay together for the long haul.

This is a subreddit aa the discussion of anything related to Classic World of Warcraft. And obviously there's no way for us to know whether you forwarded the ports correctly or not.

The biggest issue in the Sapphiron fight is healing. We launch in one hour! They're not based on leaked Blizzard code despite what some people think.

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