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This is a 4 player skirmish map. A 4 player Skirmish map divided by some awesome mountains and a river. This is a GLA mission, and the final mission that will be made by this author.

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Just click on the link below to download our easy to install theme pack kit. This is a map pack that contains four maps from ,ap. It's a fun map with good play. Description This is a desert 2 player zero hour map.

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There are 2 oil derricks in each base and 4 in the middle. Use them to take out the shore guns. Moderate money along with a variety of tech goodies. Features two realistic looking rivers with flowing and conqjer water. Two of the Pacific Command s five aircraft.

Good map for turtlers. This is an eye appealing 3-player Desert map by Pullover-Jonny with a tactically functional layout. Looks simple but with many ways to each player you need to work fast to protect any paths to your base. This map is made for stomping bots.

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Features lakes in the center and to the south, and a small town in the south western part of the map. The map features a volcano in the middle that erupts on ocassion with some nice visual and sound effects, various vents around the island will vent steam as well.

Terrain is basically flat. It features beautiful snow covered mountains, a train that runs through a gorgeous late autumn landscape, and a quaint little village to add interest. The players start in the corners. Players start out on high plateaus. A 2-Player skirmish, night themed map for Zero Hour with mountainous areas, 2 villages one of them being a Airforce General Base to be taken over by who ever get there first.

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You must also capture four radio stations in the area, and then eliminate all GLA Demo forces. The city is being watched over by a Chinese peacekeeping force in a. Temperate with mountainous terrain. A 2-Player tropical skirmish map from Plasma for Zero Hour. conqueer

There is a crypt to the north, and a German villiage located along the mountain. Both War in the Dawn and Severe Winter are 4-player maps. Enjoy the scenery along the way. This is the second in a series of maps hou is modeling after the Renegade maps with the same names. The maps range in size from 2 to 8 players.

It is built for 3v3, as each side of the map contains three captureable Nuclear Silos. Each player starts at a camp with plenty of space to build, 2 supply docks and 2 oil derricks. I can't find the file in another place Help me please.

This is a beautiful 2-player eye appealing Temperate map from NoVaCaiNE that features a realistic river flowing through a lush green donquer. A new map by iggyk.

Adequate resources but somewhat limited room to build. It is a small map so rushes happen fast and it's often over in five minutes.

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