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This pretty much sums up the game which is quite similar when compared between the mobile version with the console version. You can travel and explore every corner of the new setting and face new challenges and puzzles. Common gameplay elements in the God of War series. This page was last edited on 26 August , at

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God Of War Android & Iphone

It adds a little bit of role-playing game element which is not heavy in comparison to other RPG games like Witcher. Betrayal is set in an alternate version of ancient Greecepopulated by the Olympian Gods and other beings of Greek mythology. Hell yeah, it does. Some puzzles require Kratos to move a box on top of a switch thus activating itor moving a box to use it as a jumping-off point to reach a pathway unreachable with normal jumping.

During the campaign, he is attacked by a number of beasts led by Argos, who was sent by the gods to stop Kratos.

God of War now has a mobile version, and it is now available for download on Android phones! The game utilizes a total of different animations and features a 2D rendition of the series' three dimensional 3D graphics. Players might have mixed emotions about all these changes, but it does not mean that the whole game is a new thing.

Betrayal received mixed-to-positive reception, including praise for its fidelity to the series in terms of gameplay, art style, and graphics. God Of war is divided into two Era.


Since Kratos is in exile in a generically new country, it means there are new places to explore, new mythological monsters to kill and meddling gods to deal with. The team also worked closely with Eric Goc, the console game's lead combat designer. Kratos is leading the Spartan army in a rampage across Greece.

As you explore the environment, you will find that even little paths have significant consequences. Even though the game maybe released only for specific consoles, the fans still want to experience this game on their mobile phones. Kratos, however, battles and kills Ceryx, which inadvertently allows the assassin to escape. Betrayal Chains of Olympus Ghost of Sparta. The story is still the same as the console version, and it still has the existing sequel which distinguishes only the gameplay and graphics.

Moreover, the first thing you will notice in GOW 4 is the new setting. Bosses were always an integral part of the game. The Spartan pursues his foe across Greece to discover the identity of the assassin, but is slowed by constant attacks from the minions of Hades, the God of the Kf.

The only audio components are an orchestral score in the main menu and background sounds e.

He noted that both David Jaffe and Cory Barlog game directors of God of War and God of War II respectively ensured the Betrayal development team captured the feel of the combat and visual style, warr were "helpful with feedback and positive support". Retrieved January 12, For this, the android and ios version of the game are exactly the things people are seeking for.

God of War Mobile - Android/iOS

The versions for high-end handsets were completed in Aprilwith final versions for low-end handsets completed by June Retrieved June 4, You still have the old system of unlocking skill trees for different moves and weapons. Since it is not an open world game, players can choose to tackle optional bosses by exploring the dungeons and discovering new paths and earning rewards.

Retrieved July 5, Zeusthe King of the Gods, is an unseen character.

Hack and slash action-adventure. He also has his skill tree where you have to level up.

Retrieved from " https: By using this site, you agree to the Gid of Use and Privacy Policy. Please enter your name here. This feature was not changed, but with fixed camera replaced by the free motion over the shoulder approach, Boss battles are different.

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