Chain reaction word game

A correct guess is worth 10 points and the player gets to go again. Police Siren And Lights Free. The status bar is now displayed and not hidden. Star Blast Free Android 2.

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With unique and well thought out word puzzles, this word game has more high quality original word puzzle content than all other word association games gaem and this was the first and original word chain game for android with millions of downloads world wide since Lingo - Guess the Word.

Do you have a favorite card, board, word or puzzle game you want to see on GameSlush. Game Center Fhain friends and check leaderboards and achievements.

If you enjoy word games this is a must-have. Added Game Center support.

Reviews of Chain Reaction Free 4. Correct guesses will add the player's wager to their score, and incorrect guesses will subtract the player's wager from their score. Discover and download Android applications directly to your device. All applications on SlideME are scanned for viruses and exploits, including the Master-Key exploit courtesy of Bluebox Securitybefore they are reviewed and approved by our editors.

Chain Reaction Shooter

Note that Owhile being the first letter in the series of hints, is not necessarily the first letter of the missing word. Play against other users in online multiplayer, try to complete all puzzles in 1 player mode, or challenge a friend to a word game show down in a 2 player instant battle on the same device!

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New artwork and interface. We hope you enjoy playing the new, completely revamped version of Words Chain!

Chain Reaction Free v1. I find that it is way too easy now with it giving u possible answers to the chain. Keyboard does not dismiss on entering a guess for a word. Play in a language of your choice. Same challenging concept, fun new design! Shave Ice Tycoon HD. Prior to making the wager, one of the given words of the chain will be revealed as a clue although its position in the chain is not revealed until after all the wagers are entered.

An incorrect guess reveals a hint and play continues with the next player. Added player icons for multiplayer based on your wins. You can submit suggestions and feedback within the app as well.

Chain Reaction Free | SlideME

Updated October 10, The results are tabulated in the duplicate dashboard available in-game or in the duplicate tab in the Chain Words lobby. Star Blast Free Android 2. Police Lights and Siren is the best police siren and flashing lights app.

New animations for the chain completion, scrolling, correct and incorrect guesses. In multiplayer, play against others to show your skills.

Word Connection

I have enjoyed this game especially the multiplayer, since the recent update not so much. Chain Reaction is an insanely addictive word association game consisting of a chain of seven yame with each word being related reactiion both the word before it and the word after.

By Date May 10, members! Play full screen, auto-hide chat, invite players. Word Chains is a simple but insanely addictive classic multiplayer word game where the object of the game is to create a chain reaction word association link of seven words from top to bottom with each word being only related to both the word before it and the word after.

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