English language pack for windows xp

Click here and look for your language in the list. Some small parts of your OS may still be in the original language like the Accessories folder , but the majority of it will be in your new chosen language. June 21, at 1:

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You oack restart oanguage you proceed, or the Service Pack 3 installation will not work. If you want FULL support in whatever language you want, you should consider trying any Linux distribution. And yes — i did the restart b4 and after as the directions stated. MyHat 2 6. BTW — re-installing the SP3 with the new language worked perfectly. It changes the language of XP elements that were changed in SP3 only, definitely not all of them.

Use the same code that you used for the " Default " key. October 9, at 6: Thank you so much. It doesnt allow me to change languages still because it says the installed language is different than that of the update pack!!!

How to Change the Language of Your Computer (Windows XP): 7 Steps

Lannguage Service Pack 3 in the desired language and install it. On Windows 7, you can change the language on Ultimate and Enterprise as well. I think though you just need to make sure that both default and installed languages in regedit are edited to whatever language you are trying to change too.

You can find it in your taskbar, next to the system tray. You can go to the MS Download page http: September 26, at 7: March 11, at 6: Do not start installing the SP3 update yet.

Doan Van Minh Says: Winsows it is not technically possible to change the base language without reinstalling Windows, you can use a workaround to change the majority of the interface to your desired language. Thank you for your help! June 19, at 9: The following steps explain how to change computer language to English in Windows XP.

Where all others said you could not you showed how easily this could be done. Email required Address never made public.

Download Windows XP Language Interface Pack from Official Microsoft Download Center

July 26, at 1: Source and screenshots p. Thank you very much. August 28, at 2: May 1, at 1: Selecting a folder will display any keys it contains in the right frame.

Cookies make wikiHow better. Select your desired input and language and keyboard layout from the drop-down menus.


Granted this IS a tweak. September 27, at 9: Notify me of new comments via email. This tweak is really a risky shot and ofcourse not a good solution to the prob… I request the moderator to take this post off and not let others to fall in same pit i did… Reply.

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