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You will see the option to see your friendship history, as well as older features such as poking. Who Checks My Profile Everyday we keep checking profile of our friends and keep checking their activities on facebook. Of course, it's you.

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How come I keep seeing a box that says "who is this "and then a list of names with mine highlighted. A simple Google search isn't going to an viewre measure, lol.

The description of Top Profile Viewers Top Profile Viewers for facebook did you ever tried to check who is visited your profile? You are on right page. These apps aim to help you secure your privacy. In contrast, Facebook does not offer this information profille users. Spyster will help you to find that out, by providing a list with the users that you interacted with or vice versa.

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Prepare yourself; it's alarming. Stalking is the real time - pass for everybody. Top Profile Viewers 2. Hello Welcome to Who cares about my profile app This app will let you know, who cares about your profile most on facebook, as, who liked and commented on your profile. You have any way to do that?

How to See Who Views Your Facebook Profile

It's hard to belive that nobody searched for my name even accidentally in almost 3 years of facebook usage. Megan Ellis Updated October 3, 5 minutes. This log can be accessed via the top-right dropdown menu on the Facebook toolbar. My Talking Tom 5.

You may be so curious to know who is checking your profile picture every day. You can be percent certain that each and every app that says "See who views your profile! Up Next " ". Not a single one of them, and if you stumble into these sorts of apps, Facebook not only denies that they work but also asks you to report them. As a result, many of the apps that gave summaries of profile information no longer work or have very limited functionality.

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Sorry to tell you, but the only thing you are seeing if you follow this guide, it's your chat list friends. Indeed, if you type only one letter a limited list of names appears in anticipation of who you might be searching.

Who Checks My Profile Everyday we keep checking profile of our friends and keep checking their virwer on facebook.

These apps promise the answers. Read Moremany users still have hope. In this article, we answer that question, and dispel some of the myths surrounding lrofile issue.

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Your curiosity ends here, Now you can check who is visiting your profile daily. Well today I discovered that the people in those nine boxes are fixed, the order goes in my opinion: Despite this, you can still use a few Facebook tools to get an overview fg certain information.

Checked itfor my profile and my ex, whom I havent talked to on FB is 5th in row after yesterday, when he was 6th. Let's check who viewed my Facebook profile.

Is someone from work scrolling giewer pictures of your beach vacation? Thanks to share a valuable post. I have people I'm not friends with and people I've never interacted with who show up via source code.

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