Guitar finishing step by step

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My recommendation is to pick up sheets of grit, grit wet and dry and grit wet and dry and some fine steel polishing wool.

Manufacturers often supply kits with this applied. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I would also like to know if your kits come with a resin cover and if so, how does it affect staining?

Unless utilizing a handle and hanging space you will need to first apply the stain to the top finishibg sides, wait for it to dry and then apply the stain to the back of the guitar. I typically run the wire through one of the tuner holes and connected it to our grated ceiling. Wet and dry sandpaper is more effective if left to soak in water overnight.

I also sliced notebook paper to cover the fretboard, before using the masking tape to seal the fretboard up. Use either a vacuum so that you are removing dust from the area as opposed to sweeping.

Guitar Finishing Step-by-Step

Lastly, we will cut and polish the finish. Start with your heavier grade sandpaper e. While most kit guitars are inspected prior to packaging, accidents can happen especially when in transit. Use after the silicone remover.

Guitar Finishing Step-by-Step by Dan Erlewine

A far easier and faster method fibishing to simply oil or wax the guitar. To make matters even more complex, within these available options there are also any number of material considerations and methods of application to consider.

Fabrizio Fabricatore added it Jan 26, Make note to use this only on painted surfaces and not in a large amount. While the information above may seem detailed, rest assured this is one of the most effective and simplest ways to achieve a great guitar finish. Keep sanding until you are satisfied with the surface of the guitar and finish up by using the fine grade steel wool. You will also require sandpaper for sanding your finish once applied. Once satisfied repeat step 2 to ensure your guitar is ready for staining and re-apply painters masking xtep prior to staining.

Most of the painting guides I see have you apply a Poly or Nitro after the paint. Materials ran in at nearly half of that cost.

SG Guitar Kit Review. The same goes for your neck.

Ready for primer coat 1. Remember finishing supply fumes are no joke, please read our article on guitar finishing safety before proceeding you are unaware of the potential risks.

Guitar Finishing 101 (The Highlighted Grain / Stain Finish)

The best method I have found is to use a hobby knife and extend only a very small section of the blade e. For this particular finish, I recommend using a water-based tinted grain filler e. Consider leaving it for a couple of days and be sure to remove any excess.

It is a nasty process that will require a ton of hours from you in order to do it right.

Guitar Finishing Step-by-Step 4. This should always be your first port of call if finishing a guitar, fumes have the potential to make you sick and in severe cases have caused brain stpe. Your next step should be to sand the guitar. What type of clear coat are you using?

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