6 band resistor color code calculator

The variable resistors have varying resistance. How to compute the tolerance interval? How does the resistor color code work? As shown above, a carbon-composition resistor can have 4 to 6 bands. Resistors Resistors Types of resistors based on resistance Fixed resistor Variable resistor Wire wound resistor Carbon composition resistor Carbon film resistor Metal film resistor Metal oxide film resistor Metal glaze resistor Foil resistor What is potentiometer?

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For more information visit the main page on the resistor color code. This value is multiplied with the two digit number I. Does a 3 band resistor exists? In order to find the resistance of a resistor, we need to decode the colors painted on the resistors body. The tolerance interval of a resistor is calculated by a percentage of the theoretical coolr.

This resistor color code calculator will help you determine the value of axial resistors marked with color bands. The next to the first band is second band and so on. calculatir

Using dCode, you accept cookies for statistic and advertising purposes. In a color coding technique, the resistors value is marked on the resistors body by using colors.

6-Band Resistor Color Code Calculator

The 3 color bands on left side are very close to each other and the 4 th color band on right side is separated from first 3 bands with some space. Tolerance of a resistor is normally specified in percentage. If the colors on a 4 band resistor hand in this order: The color bands of resistors are basically of three types: The resistance values are standardized, these values are called preferred value. A 6 band color code resistor consists of 6 color bands.

A gold or silver band the tolerance is always the last band. If the colors on a 5 band resistor is in this order: The 1 st color band on the resistor indicates the 1 st significant value or 1 st digit of the resistors resistance and the 2 nd color band indicates 2 nd significant value or 2 nd digit of the resistors resistance.

The rate at which the resistance of the resistor changes with change in temperature is called TCR Temperature Co-efficient of Resistance. The table can also be used to specify the color of the bands when the values are known. When this band is absent, it means the largest tolerance: Redistor shown above, a carbon-composition resistor can have 4 to 6 bands.

The 3 resostor color band indicates the 3 rd significant value or 3 rd digit of the resistors value. Components and Circuits for Measuring Current and Voltage Learn about devices and techniques used for in-circuit monitoring of currents and voltages.

6 Band Resistor Color Code Calculator

If you feel difficult to find the resistance of the resistor by using its color bands, you can directly find the resistance by using ohmmeter or multimeter. The 5 th color band indicates the resistors tolerance. Resistors' Color Code - dCode Tag s: The 3 rd color band red has a value ckde However, by using the latest printing technology we can directly print the numbers on resistors.

The resistors of high tolerance have high variation in the resistance. Colir to use the color code calculator Select the amount of bands of the resistor on the top-left Choose the colors of the bands by clicking on the corresponding box in the chart The corresponding ohmic value and tolerance of the resistor is shown Bands: Therefore, it becomes impossible to recognize the difference between brown color and red color or brown color and orange color.

6 Band Resistor Colour Code Calculator

The 4 th color band is the decimal multiplier. The first 2 digits make the number As a minimum, two bands indicate the resistance value and one band serves as multiplier. You have the violet tolerance color in your chart set to 0.

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