Farm frenzy 2 ice age

As soon as the Manufacturing Plant is finished, buy the Decoration Factory, upgrade it to max, and start it. Upgrade the sled and helicopter to max, with the leftover money you have after buying each walrus. Decadence by Design Chocolatier 2: The Perfect Murder Epic Adventures:

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They attack center and towards the middle of the farm area. Forbidden Muse Labyrinths of the World: The Blacksmith's Daughter Margrave: Season One Heart's Medicine: This game introduces the mammoths, which eat hay, rather than fish. The Mirror's Secret Mystery Chronicles: You would want to collect the bears, and then click on Santa to make the Christmas frejzy.

Lost in Time Invasion 2: Between Day and Night Cate West: Sherlock's Heritage 2 Detective Stories: Identity Quest I Am Vegend: House of Brass Fantastic Creations: The Queen of Spades Haunted Legends: Stone Guest Haunted Legends: Do not let the bears toss more than penguins.

Tune Of Revenge Chimeras: Fire of Olympus Myths of the World: The Orb of Purity Amaranthine Voyage: Flames of Time Adelantado Trilogy: The Dark Side Collector's Edition 9: Elementa Collector's Edition Azada: Restaurant Royale Cooking Academy 2: Eternity Collector's Edition Haunted Hotel: Death on the Silver Screen Final Cut: Carrie the Caregiver 3 Campgrounds Campgrounds: The Deadly Device Nancy Drew: Fourth Color Fantasy Mosaics Cards of Destiny Art of Murder: The Ward 9 Elefants Aaron Crane: Ransom of the Seven Ships Nancy Drew: The Price of a Miracle Immortal Love 2: The Undertaker Haunted Legends: The Headless Horseman Cursed Fates: Be sure the well is full or has at least 3 units of fish in it at any time, in case you accidentally click over or beside a bear.

Level 59 is great for this award. Terra Incognita Moai IV: The Road Less Traveled Amerzone:

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