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SimpleHomes does exactly what it says on the tin. When i type commands it just says 'you can not trigger this yet', when enabled it just says 'triggered whichever and nothing happens. Can you please remove the override for 'tp'. View on CurseForge Report Project.

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At least not in 1. Can you please remove the override for 'tp'. I'm trying PermissionsEX but i would like to be able to do it without any plugins.

Looking for a /sethome and /home plugin

If there are any issues, please let me know. Has anyone else been able to affirm that? Dudemous That's a bit odd, seeing as the error you posted pertains to the homelist command.

Will I be able to set this up on a Realm server? When i type commands it just says 'you can not trigger this yet', when enabled it just says 'triggered whichever and nothing happens. How i make more minecrafy one sethome?

However, updating from an older version may not work as I have changed the way names are stored into the Homes. I promise you, all I did was program something for my server and post it.

Hello i have a minecraft server and i try to put the permission for the sethome plugin but if i do it when i go to the server i cant set home without beind op'd anyother plugin works but not the set home. Is it meant for players to use?

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Dudemous Hello I'll take a look at it as soon as possible. I also need to know if there are another tick and load function It should plugun better and faster if you send me an message on discord. Donation link at http: Last edited by TheCommandFreak: Would you mind sharing the contents of your P,ugin folder?

Should be compatible with 1. Can't launch the functions it jut keeps saying unknown function. The "not putting anything into chat" was happening because of the Alias system.

Last edited by Lxct: Last edited by mrbrianweldon: Hi guys, i'm new to this just created a account xD and i have a server and installed this plugin. First, I just have to say to everyone here, I don't mimecraft english very well, sorry, I'm French.

I just do it so that players aren't confused by all of the coordinates arguments of the command. I often see plugins, usually Essentials type of plugins that do everything, that have commands that do the same thing as Minecraft's commands.

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Also, an asterisk star won't work with this plugin. By all means, keep going! I'm sorry minceraft taking so long just to delete a few files in my code.

In reply to trainphreak: Great Plugin to suit my needs as mine was an unusual case, I have essentials installed on a Cauldron server but essentials safe teleporting wouldn't allow me to teleport into oxygen filled rooms on the moon, after endless searching for a way to disable essentials safe teleporting, I finally used this plugin and have been very happy with it overriding the essentials home command.

SimpleHomes does exactly what it says on the tin. Put this into your allcommands.

How do you add the permissions in the file and have pougin work correctly? This seems like a awesome plugin, but please can you update it to 1. Ability to teleport to other player's homes.

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