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In addition to monitoring your laptop's battery life, Battery Optimizer can also provide suggestions to extend your maximum battery life, displaying some useful data such as exactly how long your battery will last at current usage and how much longer it could potentially be extended for with optimisations. Warnings If your laptop's battery is more than a few years old, you're probably better off replacing the battery than attempting to salvage it. If you have a choice of battery types to use with your computer, use the type of battery with the highest capacity rating. This page requires Javascript.

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Conserve battery power Use these tips to change the power consumption of the computer to conserve battery power.

Set ship mode by turning off the computer with key sequence Use a key sequence to enable ship mode. Click the Troubleshooting and optiimzer tab, then select Battery Check.

If a computer must be stored for a long period of time, such as a school break or when necessary for business purposes, place the computer in ship mode before storing.

Enter a name for your plan. When storing your optimizsr separate of your laptop for several months at a time, make sure that the battery is at around 70 percent charge when removed, and check it every three months or so.

When HP Support Assistant opens, the product name, product number, and serial number of the notebook display. The following instructions work with most battery types.

Even if you turn off your laptop for several days or weeks at a time, your battery's life will still diminish faster than if you remove the battery from your laptop. Change the "Put the computer to sleep" to 15 minutes. Battery capacity can decrease even when the computer is unplugged from a power source and bathery in use. HP Battery Check did not detect a battery.

Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. Thank you for your feedback! Also, a manual method for calibrating the battery is presented.

For example, you might hook your computer up to a charger before going to bed. Thus, if you are experiencing faulty battery performance, you can rapidly check it with this particular piece of software.

This number is the identifying number printed on the barcode on the battery. You can double batter triple your battery life if you were previously using high-performance power settings. If the original battery charges too slowly, but a replacement battery charges as it should, the battery might not be at fault.

The Battery Test takes about two minutes. My friend recommended me this software tool because I'm always lazy to bring the charger of my laptop. In the example, the battery has been charged and discharged 38 times out of Am I supposed to keep my laptop bathery in to the outlet constantly when in use and when not in use?

3 Ways to Maximize HP Laptop Battery Life - wikiHow

More This software tool not only extended the battery life span of my laptop but it also help to prevent my laptop from forcibly shutting down because of dead battery and that factor could exasperate the battery. Your review for Battery Optimizer. HP batteries are manufactured to meet or exceed international industry safety standards and are produced by the same vendors as the original batteries sold with notebooks.

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Avoid using your laptop in extreme batttery. External hard drives and other peripheral devices can draw power from your battery even when they are not in use.

How does HP install software and gather data? If the option to use the HP battery auto calibration feature displays, this is preferred. Fully insert a battery into the compartment if a battery was not inserted and you want to test the battery in that compartment.

HP Notebook PCs - Testing and Calibrating the Battery (Windows) | HP® Customer Support

The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Managing Power Options Windows 8. How do I maximize the capacity and life span of the battery?

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