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In Meteor Garden, the show is too long, things are drawn out far worse than people seem to think this version does. I really dont know how many timesi have watched it n wl keep watching Kristine Jan 25 That was my 1st time crying by seeing a drama or movie emotional scene.

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I can see why BOF has floqers a large following as it's readily available on Netflix and it is newer, but it will never replace Hana Yori Dango Japanese version. Utsa Jan 15 4: Others are married or dating fellow actors or singers.

But they're just horrible. I didn't really like Ikemen desu ne they flat out copied You're beautiful. The cast members held various sold-out events across Asia, such as concerts and fan meetings.

David Oct 01 Priya Jun 25 1: To avoid being bias, I did try to watch Hana Yori Dango. That's how impressed I am with the acting, writing, directing and filming of this drama.

Boys Over Flowers

Such a very very fuunny novel. I will lay my cards down on the table: Any plus points to this drama?

Han Chae Young Supporting Cast. Lydia Miichelle Oct 13 It had the best and most talented actors and actresses and taught me many things. Oishi Feb 11 7: Retrieved from " https: But the story itself is worse, not realistic. I really don't get all the hype of this drama.

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No actual emoting from her - all "feelings" are portrayed through strange contortions of her face. LMH did well on the expression of frustration, helplessness and pain. Gosh,junpyo was a psychopath nd a selfish dude Amis Aug 31 2: The friendship between f4 and jandi and ga eul is the other amazing thing. Just enjoy it, okay? I didnt believe them while their acting, none feelings they didnt touch my heart as it was in HYD. Of course the boys are hooooot!

Here’s What The Cast Of “Boys Over Flowers” Look Like 10 Years Later

Really Lee min hoo u flowwers such a awesome actor. Oh yes, why some of you think koreans boys oveer cuter, bullshit. Even though it's a collection of teen love scenes that are familiar and show case of rich kids activities is a bit annoying, but toward the end writer of this version shows the process of growing up, love and friendship after all.

Even Ga eul is better than her!!! Lee Min Ho as Junpyo is a beautiful soul I love all the F4 and jan di.

Most kdramas are now 16 episodes when most used to be 20 episodes. Who cares Jul 02 3:

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